Getzlaff family = Grey Cup + Stanley Cup!!

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Imagine having a Grey Cup and Stanley Cup winner in your family! = Simply Awesome. Congrats to the Getzlaf family! :rockin: 8)

  1. There was an oldtimer named Gerry James (Janes?) who played both football for the Argos and hockey in the NHL --- did he play on championship teams in both leagues???? There was another oldtimer Leaf Lionel Conacher who played both too. Did either win both??

Wish he was on our team, that’s for sure.

There may have been several who played in both leagues and more than one who won both Stanley Cup and Grey Cup. Gerry James however is the only person play in both in the same season. He did not however win a Stanley Cup. He one the Grey Cup with the Blue Bombers but did not play for the Argo's. He did play for the Maple Leafs

Here is a bit of info on James:

There are only three people who have ther names engraved on both the Stanley Cup and the Grey Cup. Lionel Chonacher and Carl Voss did it as players and Wayne Gretzky has his name on the Stanley Cup as a player and the Grey Cup as an owner.

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