Getzlaf vs Getzlaf

Who is better at their sport Chris or Ryan. I would say Chris is better, but they are both all star team players in my opinion

Ryan, easily.
Ryan is arguably the best power forward in hockey right now, top 3 centreman and top 5 forward in the league.
There's a reason why when injured before the Olympics in 2010, hockey canada was very concerned.

Chris is a nice player having a career season, but this isn't even close.

I agree that Ryan is easily the winner. Chris might be one of the best NI receivers in the CFL, but Ryan is one of the best players in the NHL.

Until ~4 weeks ago Chris was having a very inconsistent year. He is overmatched as a #2 receiver and is most successful as the 3rd or 4th option. He's a very good player, but he can't even dream of being in Ryan's league.

you can't compare hockey vs Football.

did you even read the question posed? "Who is better at their sport Chris or Ryan?"

I would agree with the above posters who picked Ryan.

Me too, have to go with Ryan. If Chris produces over a couple of stellar years, he might get closer to competing with his brother.

No question Chris and too bad he also deserves more money.
The obscene salaries paid in hockey and other leagues says it all.