Getzlaf question

I see we drafted Chris Getzlaf SB from Regina, is it safe to say he is the brother of Ryan Getzlaf from the Anaheim Ducks??


Yeah, both boys are athletes born and raised here in Regina.

Talk about an athletic family, one in the NHL while the other is heading to the CFL!

Best of luck to Getzlaf in Hamilton, it was great watching him with the Rams. Hopefully he can come in and contribute with your receiving core this season or somewhere down the road. The kid has great size and skill that should help him succeed at the CFL level.

Good luck Chris! :thup:

Heh I was watching the draft today and when he was drafted I kept thinking "Where have I heard that name??"

It wasn't until near the end of the day that it finally kicked in and I was going to come on here and ask the very same question. Just like the Staal boys..gotta have some proud parents :slight_smile:

I presume Getzlaf (Gets Laugh) isn't indicative of the type of play we're going to see from this new recruit. (Kidding, of course!)

I wish him much success and a spot on our roster.

You guys remember Brett Hulls Bro??

Bart Hull. He was 5'8" all around. Bowling ball type of fullback who played a year for the Rough Riders. I think it was during the Gold Jersey days.

A guy on my flag football team was on the Roughies roster the final year of their existance. I will have to ask him if he played with Bart.

Getzlaf has VERY impressive numbers the last two seasons.
I was very suprised to see him available so late.
Lets hope we got one who slipped through the cracks

He also has 3 years of eligibility remaining at University.