Getz back?

He took a lot of reps with 1st team unit.

Hopefully he is in the line up and we finally get some sort of passing game going because so far its been pretty much non existent. Durant needs to stop over thinking plays and just trust his guys to run the correct routes and get them the ball. 5 touchdowns and 5 interceptions is not going to cut it. Your never going to build chemistry with the new guys if you don't throw to them and give them a chance to show what they can or can not do. Pretty hard to judge the caliber of
the receivers when they see maybe one or two passes thrown their way.
Whew rant over thanks for letting me get that out of my system.:slight_smile:

In fairness, the Toronto game (1st meeting) was the first time they could do much for even trying to get a pass game going because it had been raining so much from camp on and and it showed, against BC they tried but it simply was bad, and in the last game there was no need to attempt much for passing...If the ground game is working why stop?

It sounds like they think Getz will be ready, and I think the Riders to watch is Swain to catch 6-7 this week and Taj for some bigger yardage.

Sounds like he is a go for tomorrow. Welcome back!! :rockin: