Getz ... any update ?

Has anyone heard anything about Getz?

I’ve read it is his knee - but how serious & how long is he out for?

that play was serious attempt to injure and succeeded, no penalty, no fine, no even talking about it

The reason nobody's talking about it is because it was a football hit. Getz went up for a hell of a grab and was hit from both sides, it happens sometimes.

there was zero intent to injure there, as DaveyC says. Eric Fraser is far from a dirty player, and I actually have to commend him. When he saw Getz go down, he walked away from the play and refused to celebrate the hit at all until he saw Getz get up, and even then, he gave a halfhearted high five. That was a HUGE play, and to do as he did is pretty classy.

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While I dont think it was a serious attempt to injure, that is definitely a play in other leagues that would warrant a 15 yard unneccessary roughness call and possibly a fine. Its more of a dangerous hit then, say, Brackenridge's hit on Kackert a few weeks back or George's hit on Glenn, one resulting in a fine and the other in a penalty. Player safety and what is and isnt illegal needs to be more clearly defined in this league.

but these were helmet shots...not the same. There are very clear rules that helmet first hits are not acceptable...intentional or not. Fraser put his hit (and not an overly hard one) squarely in the one play he could...his shoulder in the center of he receiver's butt. He never came close to his knee, and even if he did, you are allowed to tackle at the knee. There was zero wrong with that hit. It was no more viscous than anything Brack has done all year, and in fact looked lighter. Should he not hit until the receiver is planted on the ground? Their job is to make the hit as soon as possible, and that is what was done.

It is the price you pay over the middle, especially on a bad pass. That is why when you find a guy who does it well you keep him.

I hope Getz it's all right first off, but the hit on him was a clean hit! Getz was air borne, just wrong place when hit came is all IMO!!

I watched a clear helmet hit on Simon when the Argo's played in Regina, everyone heard it. Was clear as day on the reply on the big screen, yet no penalty was called and it should of, But Proux's crew ref that one!!

I heard the interview with BT on the radio this week. He is out for the game against EE and they won't know more until more tests are run. It was not a season ending injury - at least that is what BT said.

They may keep the final decision quiet until they have to announce it.

I hope he can come back for the playoff game against BC.

there is a video of Getz talking about it...I believe it is on TSN. He said it was pretty minor. Sounds like the sitting out is more of a point that this game does not effext playoffs, so give the banged up starters a rest if you can.

One of the cheapest shots I ever saw was that idiot from Winnipeg pulled at the Grey Cup on DJ. Flick right before halftime. He had no other intention but to deliberately hurt him. He should have been fined heavy by the League but as usual the League had no balls!

Getz is out. Hopefully he can go against the Stinks.

On tsn during his interview during today's game he said he will be playing if the riders make it to the west final.

Getz will play in Calgary - come hell or high water.

Go Riders Go

We all know how well he plays against Calgary, was sure they sat him this game, knowing if we made Calgary, he'd be well rested and ready!!