Getting Wet on Game Day - Forcast for rain

For all us die hard fans it doesn't matter if it's sunny or raining we show up and support our team.. We have had great weather for home games since "Caretaker" took over the team, but will our 3 years of sunny games be over tomorrow??
Will some of the casual fans stay home??

if it rains, the crowd will be much lower for sure but the big crowds haven't equalled more victories, as we've all seen.



The Ti-Cats are a good bad-weather team.

Rain=guaranteed win

Oskee Wee Wee!

there was a time when the rain favoured the kitty kats.

All I remember was we prayed for rain because the Ti-Cats stepped up and played great in the rain.
I just don't remember the years.

maybe someone has an idea when?

the first post with the question marks made me laugh.... (no offense to the post at all)
All I had going through my mind when reading the post was batman. Will he escape? Will the cape crusader save the day? who knows? tune in tomorrow same time same bat channel

ummm rain isnt such a good idea, like honestly for 2 reasons

1- Rain= Running game & after watching Keith run all over the defence that cant be a good thing.

2- Hamiltons Offence wont run as much as they will use those short little screen plays which will make the offence even more preditable.

Would you rather the team lose while you sit in IWS in the sun


They win and you sit at IWS in the rain

Not calling for rain at game time. Only in the morning.
Just looked at Weather Channel .ca.


its all good as long as its not too hot tomorrow for the start of the game.

Environment Canada says showers with the risk of a thunderstorm. The Weather Network is forecasting a 60% chance of afternoon thundershowers, but less than 1 mm of rain.

If we’re lucky we’ll be fairly dry, but the offense will be hit by lightning and catch fire. 8)

It hasn't rained since Bob bought the team and darn it, it won't ever. Weather forecasters throw darts at the board and call it science.

I guess you could say Bob's been a Tiger Cat ray of sunshine.

I think the corn alarm just went off.

Forecast for Saturday afternoon calls for thunderstorms.

according to matt hayes at 6:50 pm only 30 percent rain for saturday

Football Canada calling for a risk of 12 shovel passes, a 60% chance of a stupid penalty inside the red zone and less than 1 mm of offensive line surge :slight_smile:

..... :lol:
Nice one mayfair.



CONDITION Mainly cloudy
P.O.P. 40%
WIND E 10 km/h
RAIN - less than 1 mm - close to 10 mm