Getting U.S. Players to play at the top of their game.

Here's something to chew on.

It appears to me that "SOME" "note I said some and not all" U.S. players come up to stay in game shape until they can get another shot at the No Fun League.

I mean how many times have you seen a guy not dive for that ball or not hit the hole like he usually does.

I honestly believe some of these guys don't respect our game and use us for an extended training camp.

Well how do we address this.......simple..give'm what they want.

At the beginning of the season let the team know that there will be a highlight film sent to each NFL team after each game. With the best of the best highlights being sent to each team at the end of the season.

Now some of you are saying why the hell would you want to give the NFL a in to our top players?

It's simple, the only way we're going to get some of these guys to make that stretched out catch or shoe string tackle it let them think someone may notice back home.

If they are going to jump, let's get 150% out of them before they go!

Something to make you go hmmm?


Nah, I don't buy that.

If you're up here auditioning, then you'd better show up and provide some hihglight material.

Furthermore, any perceived inadequacies might be the very reason they're playing up here.

So what about a Canadian player like Jesse Lumsden that stayed around for a few games last year and then went to the NFL?

As for No Fun League the NFL has been a lot of alot more entertaining and exciting than the CFL. Three games last weekend decided by a last second field goal - and they are generating a lot of offence down there.

This year has been one of the worst CFL seasons, low scoring, boring, this weekend we have a bunch of meaningless games to finish the season. Never mind the No Fun League - how aout CFL - Comatose Football League.

You know what? I think that with the lower scoring this season, combined with the seemingly higher scoring this year in the NFL as you mention mikem, that this is good for the CFL. We have been resting on our "offensive laurels" for quite a while and now the tide has turned, or maybe anyway. So what this might do is for the CFL to look at making a few changes to make it more offensive for those fans that need this.

What is interesting though, is that I heard so much in the past from "NFL only counts" fans that they like the real defensive aspect of the NFL compared with the higher scoring CFL. I wonder what these guys now say, proably something like "Comatose Football League" or whatever. Ah, whatever suits their fancy I suppose.

What's caused the lack of entertainment this year?

  • the bigger ball? the QBs just can't get it to the receivers.
  • Ottawa not in the league? they were entertaining.
  • too many penalties?

Maybe we need some rule changes.

Don't confuse lack of scoring with lack of entertainment, at least for me. I would have been overally entertained if the Cats went 18-0 and won every game 1-0 to be quite honest.

Isn't this years ball the same ,just a hair heavier due to sticky white lines added instaed of stitched on lines.

Interesting points Jare!

This whole post breaks down to this, due to finanical constraints we can't pay these players anymore....right.

So, lets give them a psychological incentive of rewarding hard work and sacrifice with a potential look from the NFL.

There's two wins to this, we get the most out of a player who is here for a one year contract and the player gets exposure for the hard work.

Let the opinions fly....


JareCanada said

I honestly believe
some of these guys don't respect our game
and use us for an extended training camp.

I don't agree with your conjecture, Jare,

but to play along with you...

Why not send the NFL videos of their slack plays instead
to get such players to get the arses in gear and produce?

That would be more like what people think
that our new tough talking G.M. might do.