Getting Told To Sit Down

Well its about time this gets Off my Chest, I sat in section 108 row 11 all season every damn time my D was on the field I stood up to cheer and some poor cry baby would tap me to sit down


WARNING anyone getting tickets in sec 111 @ THF if you sit row 18/19 BE PREPARED to stand all game as my crew dont like to sit :rockin:

GO CATS GO kick some Argonot Butt

No wonder some people get punched in the face at football games.

Eastend I understand your feeling on this and I stand a lot no problem. BUT there are times when it can be a problem.
What do you do if the guy behind you has his 3 kids (the next generation of fans) and they cant see past you even if they stand on the seat? Its not fair to them. Again I understand your point but there re exceptions you have to make.
What if the guy behind you is elderly and can`t bounce up and down. Do you just tell him too bad for him?
Again I understand your point but I think some discretion helps.

Perhaps the fan should be cheering in the standing room only section. Think of the money you would save and the people who wouldn't have to put up with your boorish behaviour. They are called seats for a reason. :roll: :roll:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

Well this might be the stupidest comment of the week.

As for the original post, I don't stand for every play or every play on D and I don't think you should. But I have no problem with people standing for big plays or at times of the game when the D needs a boost. The last few minutes of a game I am almost always on my feet if its a big second down and we need a stop I will be up yelling and if people say sit down I don't really care. I do get that if you have children or elderly behind you it can be different but for the most part people shouldn't complain.

On a side not I had some idiot near me last game tell me not to be so loud because he wanted to talk between plays... I laughed and blew my horn nice and loud.

if you're standing , the kids or shorter fans can't see. We all like to cheer loudly when our team is on defense and that can be done easily while sitting.

at the skydome years ago, there was a play at the endzone, and with the poor sightlines, everyone stood to see if the catch was to be made or not. once some stand, you have to stand or see nothing but backs.

some moron behind me told me to keep my ass in my seat.
i replied with a headbutt.

if you don't want to stand for big plays, stay home and watch from your couch. same goes for people telling others to be quiet. its a live sporting event. you're supposed to be loud ( except on offence, of course ).

Agree, big plays and near the end of the game in a close one, standing no problem, that's all part of the fun. But standing for the entire game without seeing who is behind you and asking if that bothers them, is just plain rude.

Whoa, hold on... there is NO denying that inconsiderate behaviour (i.e. the "I don't care about you" attitude) of some fans is what causes fights. I never suggested someone should hit him (or even that he deserved it).

Basically what the OP said was this is "this is what I'm doing and if you don't like it too bad". All I'm saying is he better see who's sitting around hime before he makes that blanket statement. Having said that, THF has what appears to be two AWESOME party zones - why not go there?

I got you now and I agree with that. Like I said im my previous post I don't stand all game and it would probably piss me off if someone found a need to be on there feet all game but I have no problem with getting up for certain plays or just because at random times during the game.

Glad to see you can handle situations like an adult.. I mean seriously. Why are you proud of that?

There is also a HUGE difference in being ASKED to Sit or Being TOLD to sit

Yes as a young fan I wish we could all stand, yell dance and so on.. but truth be told, Tiger-Cats fans span all ages and these events aren't exclusive to drunkards.

On that note.. to the morons in section 108: Cheering on the offence with "GO CATS GO" as if they were an NHL team IS NOT HELPFUL!!! Shut-up while the play is being called on the field and keep the noise for the post-play success and defence.

someone jabbed me in the back and tried to be intimitating telling me to 'keep my ass in my seat'.
im just giving an example of how that kind of stuff can cause fights, which is a follow up on a previous poster's comment.

exactly. i wasn't there looking to fight anyone. had i been standing all game, i could understand. had i been asked politely, i would have reasoned with the person.

Drunkards? not sure if you are calling me that but, I will have you know I do not partake in alcoholic drinking Coke is It :slight_smile:

Trying to give the O a spark during commercial and game breaks is not all bad, if they are lined up yeah its silly

BTW this is Football we fans are not called the 13th man for nothing yes loud home fans can dictate outcomes of games

Someone poked you? Why didn't you mention that? That makes it perfectly okay to headbutt someone..

You don't honestly believe someone poking you in the back is a justifiable reason to headbutt someone like a sucker??

Loved that. . .reminds me of a time many moons ago when I was a young lad in highschool, working a part time job, and my boss once saying “don’t you always do what you are told?”. . .and my reply was “No, I don’t. I usually do what I am asked, but I rarely do what I am told.”

whatever, DogsFan.
perhaps one day you will have someone aggressively jab you in the back at a game, then tell you the same as i was told.
you can just sheepishly do as you’re told. perhaps you can kiss the person’s feet, while you’re at it.
some of us don’t react well to bully tactics.

something tells me the OP was "asked" several times before he was "told".

Oh and if you're so self-centred that you don't realize that you are impeding on someone else's view of the "whole game" ,then you need to be "told" the very least.

BTW, the world does not revolve around you.
Anyone with just a hint of common courtesy would figure out standing for the whole game is pi$$ing someone off.

My suggestion to anyone who wants to stand the whole game , buy a seat in the last row.....problem solved.

So you're suggesting I assault them? There are ways to deal with problems, and your suggestions are the extremes of both ends of the spectrum. I certainly don't headbutt people because they poke me. That's assault, and you'll likely find yourself in some sort of trouble with the law (charges pressed, bans from IWS, anger management classes).. Now tell me, is it worth it to go through all that BS because someone poked you? No. Your problem is that you're a hot-head with an extreme lack of judgement.