I am really frustrated with the way this season is turning out in many aspects, and it started when we hired Mike Kelly, why am i angry and dissapointed? Here is a few reasons.

  1. We hired Mike Kelly because he was supposed to love The Bombers and was supposed to have great football knowledge.
  2. Mike Kelly says that he will "ONLY TWEAK" the roster, but he cut 3/4 of the player's, some great ones as well.
  3. Trading for Lefors and pretty much naming him the starter 2 months before training camp.
  4. Kelly cuts Glenn and Dinwiddie and leaves the QB position to 3 unproven QB'S.
  5. Lefors stinks out the joint and we release Williams and snag Bishop.
  6. Bishop's stats are worse than LeFors, but yet Randall is sitting on the bench, give him a shot after practicing with the first team for a full week and see what he can do, it wouldn't hurt considering Bishop and Lefors are not getting the job done.
  7. Keeping Craver on the team even though he has proved all season that he stinks, he can't tackle if his life depended on it.
  8. Bryant should be traded as he may still have some value, he has not gave 100% effort in any game this year.
  9. The offensive playbook and schemes are horrible, why are we lining 2 backs up 10 yards behind the QB, this just proves that Kelly thinks he is coaching in the 1980's. Maybe he drew up the playbook with Crayola Crayons with his kids!!
  10. Reid and Bernard are both BIG threats, but i said this many times that teams will figure out our schemes and stuff the backs, yet Kelly still insists on running the ball more than passing, use Reid and Bernard in an out pattern.

Bombers will go 6 - 3 in the second half, they haven't even been close to a complete team yet and still managed 3 wins.

#6. . . is that true? Are Bishop's stats really worse than Lefors'?? I would have thought his stats were better. . .

#7. . TOTALLY agreed. . . I never liked Robert Bean on the corner last year, but geez he's better than Craver. . . .

#11. Well many Bomber fans were down on Taman because of his inability to solve the kicking game and his inability to get a decent backup QB. Well Kelly hasn't been able to find a quality STARTER, let alone backup; and he has been totally unable to find a guy to return kicks.

Taman got his revenge when the Riders kicked Kelly on Labour Day.

Moan and complain all you want, but everyone knew we had a tough schedule in the first half of the year.

Here are the number of home games played and points:

Hamilton 5 for 10 points
Edmonton 5 for 10 points
Saskatchewan 5 for 10 points
Calgary 5 for 10 points
BC 5 for 8 points
Toronto 4 for 4 points
Winnipeg 3 for 6 points

We basically have 2 home games in hand on every team we are chasing in the standings.

The games against


will decide the season, panic after we lose them.

The most frustrating part is all the glimpses we see...

We see here and there that there is certainly really good potential here...

Sometimes I think if we sucked all game every game, it would be easier to handle... :?

...I AIN;T THROWIN IN THE TOWEL...however there has to be some big time additions and adjustments to get to the post season....AND actually do something in it...This is the CFL and a few changes in player personnel can really make a difference...The Banjo Bowl will show me really what this team has got...The riders are NOT a powerhouse....and are very beatable... HOWEVER....we have to play at our 110 percent best...and lose the errors...IF we can win it....we'll still be a win one lose won outfit....BUT with the home field advantage the rest of the way.... YA JUST NEVER KNOW..GOBIGBLUE... :thup: :rockin: