Getting rid of what gives us a bad taste in our mouth!!!!!

:twisted: Those wasted talent traded ,we seen Marcel go!Lets see the rest of the people I cant even look at!See yah lancaster!He was around for that terriable Maas trade,The loss of montford,The loss of mcgriggs!Archy amerson!Move out of this area lancaster please!All the asst coaches who look like confused college coaches should be gone!Nothing can be lost from a upbeat positive smart young coaching crew and office crew who know what they are doing!Please just do it!

You need to seek therapy

LOL Therapy wont save this team mister! Some wise moves will!

See yah lancaster!He was around for that terriable Maas trade,The loss of montford,The loss of mcgriggs!Archy amerson!Move out of this area lancaster please!
All guys still in the league and playing well. :)

Actually, if one recalls that the team almost went BELLY UP, one might more accurately place responsibility for the deterioration of the team’s roster in the 2001-2003 period in the ownership that refused to re-sign said players or seriously keep other important ones on the roster, leading many on this site and beyond to ponder why they should support a team in mid-rot while in the privacy of their recliners at home.

That just might a more productive assessment of the pro sports food chain as to how it pertains to the “product on the field” in the Hamilton case. Who writes the cheques – and for how much – ultimately tells the tale.

To attack Lancaster for being the guy who kept the ship afloat while the auditors were COUNTING PAPERCLIPS in the team offices and the team’s very survival hung in the balance is totally misplaced. You give someone like that a spot of your Wall of Fame and thank them for their service!

P.S. Regarding the revisionist history that Lancaster was in any way responsible for the Maas trade, here’s straight from the horse’s mouth upon the news he had taken a community ambassador post with the team:

“I had talked to Bob Young and (COO) Rob Katz before the holidays and I knew I wasn’t going to be involved in the football end of things,” he said. “When Rob took over as general manager (in 2005), I didn’t make football decisions any more. So nothing changed.”

Again, the “Lancaster as supreme puppetmaster” myth is properly exposed as bunk. Total tripe.

Oski Wee Wee,

Check the timeline on that! As I recall when Rob Katz was made GM, Ron Lancaster was mentoring him. (that was well documented in the papers) The Mass deal went down before Labour Day! (you will recall where we loaned Davis to the Eskimo's) The Maas deal was completed after Edmonton won the Grey Cup!

Now let's also take a trip down "memory lane"...anybody remember all the "know it alls" saying it was a great deal and Katz couldn't have pulled it off on his own?

Then the league looks at it and realises it was a Gluey Huey/Lancaster old boys club deal and makes the necessary changes to the rules to see that it doesn't happen again!

But yes...I will agree with you that Ron "stated" that he spoke to Bob Young and Rob Katz around Christmas!

Not that it really matters NOW! But who was it wanted "PAOPAO"? You can bet it wasn't Greg Marshall's hire! :roll:

Yesterday is History...let's hope we learned from it!

We didn't loan Davis, we gave up 2 guys who had 5 games left in the tank for 2 very good young players in Ralph and cody and a 1st rounder. Plus we had Lumsden who was twice as good as Davis, we won that deal by a mile, it wasn't even close, but then we got raped in the second deal by giving up a q.b that was twice as good as Maas plus the rights to Andy Fantuz.

Ah yes, The Evil Mentor Theory. LOL

Katz made the decision to trade Davis in the “loan” to Edmonton. The trade was made after Week 15 (in OCTOBER). This idea that Ronnie The Puppetmaster hovered over Katz and made him speak to Campbell against his will is interesting, but I’m not buying it. Maas was clearly the most available “non-starting” starter in the league and the Cats were DESPERATE to make that deal. Period.

I could just see Katz going into his football contact Rolodex at that moment for other options: “Damn two-ply, the sheets are sticking!” :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Katz instead took the fast, sellable option and went cap in hand.

“[A]nybody remember all the “know it alls” saying it was a great deal and Katz couldn’t have pulled it off on his own?”

Answer: If you trade half your marketable assets to get a guy, anyone can land a deal. LOL

Katz: “Huey, I’ll give you Troy Davis and Dan Comiskey, and after the season I’ll throw in Danny McManus, Tim Bakker, Imokhai Atogwe, and a first-round pick in the 2006 CFL Canadian College Draft. I’m detaching my left nut as we speak…” :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

As for Paopao getting hired, that wouldn’t have been Marshall’s call. Not a big job of investigative work there. That again had Katz’s fingerprints all over it. Lancaster knows something about head coaching prerogatives and that it is the head coach’s call as to who gets on his staff, except when the GM is a non-football guy and still makes that decision. Again, the deposed “mentoring” GM with all this pressuring ability to force a new GM personally hired out of Bob’s stable to bend to his will. ROTFLMFAO

Spare me. Katz and Bob Young have independently-operational brains, and it’s their football operations judgements in toto that we are still living with, 3-15 style.

Oski Wee Wee,

Beleive it or not...we are actually AGREEING! :wink: I just don't blame this whole fiasco on KATZ! There is equall blame to go around...but then again...finding blame doesn't solve the problem. :roll:

I think we are on the right track now and I hope we learned for the "History of it all". :thup:

Like I said ,only some good moves and wise choices will turn this team around.As for all those terriable moves that started this mess, Lancaster was there!Katz did take alot of advice from him!Trust that!

Your wrong there!Where is Mcgriggs and archy? They are both done with this game!

I believe the comment was made in a sarcastic vein.

Remember Barrin Simpson?Now with Winnipeg, helped that team alot with his heart and soul!If you look back at how Lancaster treated Joe Montford, I cant blame a hero like him not to want come here as a free agent with this guy walking on the field every game like Lancaster!

You're right. That's why Montford never had any real success while Lancaster was coach.

(For the truly dense: that was sarcasm again.)

Re Lancaster, the only thing that hurts Lancasters rep, imho is the refusal to bring in Canadian qb,s Even as 3rd or 4th string , Developemental players,. Maybe it goes back to his days playing in Ottawa, and being exiled to Sask, losing the Ottawa job to a Canadian? But its time to drop this stupid bias against CIS trained QB,s there are at least three playing now who could Be worth a look even with Late picks, With 1st and 2nd string qb,s in place why not bring two or three to compete for the 3rd spot, cant hurt as a PR stunt :cowboy:

IMHO it helps his rep that he never brought in a Canadian QB.

Hmmmmm Thats why Montford won a grey cup with Edmonton after getting out of Hamilton!

(Thats not sarcasm but just plain fact!)

Ah, c'mon. Don't pick on Ronny. He's a favourite of mine and he's a great CFL personality who deserves alot of respect for what he's done for this league and team over the many years.

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Even how cruel it can be sometimes the truth can really hurt!Sorry!

I don't buy the criticisms levied at Ron Lancaster that are routinely made here.

He was an amazing player for many years, he coached three CFL teams, winning Grey Cups for two of them. He led us to our last Cup win, and has been nothing but faithful to the team, despite budget cuts and ownership changes and bankruptcy, even coming back to coach for part of the last year in a terrible situation. I don't agree with all the attacks aimed at him; he knows more about football than all of the posters on this site put together ever will. We're fortunate he is around to give the team the benefit of his experience, and lucky he has a thick enough skin to continue doing so in spite of the attacks.