Getting ready for the Argos

The Argos will have some changes to their line-up this week due to signings and injuries. The Toronto Sun has reported that Foley will be backing up at DE on Sunday so he can be eased into the line-up. Now we have the news that Medlock has signed with the Argos. The Toronto Sun also reported that Rob Murphy, Jermaine Copeland and Adriano Belli are day-to-day so we probably won’t know until Saturday whether they will be in the line-up. I haven’t seen anything about the injuries to Gagne-Marcoux or Van Zeyl so I don’t know if they are expected back. Of course the big one is the announcement that Cory Boyd won’t be playing.

On the Bomber front, Brady Browne was the only injury from the Banjo Bowl. Apparently Clint Kent left practice early today - Jockitch (the poster at EP making the report) said he thought Kent might have tweaked something. Hopefully it’s nothing serious. Hicks and M. Johnson took reps in his place.

Lose this game and we are done ! The way we are playing and with the injury to Boyd, we should win this game ?

I’d have to agree with you on this. Lose this game and not only do we lose ground, we also lose the season series with TO.

We'd still have a shot at the cross over, only our chances of a home playoff game in the east would go out the window.

Think positive, we could still end up 11 - 7.

...i hope Hunt and Willis are ready to do their thing....Put the squeeze on Lemon and get this rook right off his game...The argos running game is going to be suspect without Boyd....AND who are their receivers again :roll: It;s time to shock the boatmen into reality and end this 'smoke and mirrors' charade.. :wink: :rockin: