Getting ready for a Cold Day sunday

what about a scarf?

With all of the pre-game stuff (anthem, coin toss, 6000 TSN commercials, etc.) the game itself probably won’t start until 6:30 or later).

I'm going to be dressed like an Elk :wink:. Planning to be in my seats by five. Hoping for a few "Argos Sucks!" to settle the nerves. If we lose my consolation will be knowing the Argos didn't get to play at THF as the home team - or god forbid - get lucky and win the big game. If we win - unimaginable! Can't wait to cheer my guts out! Go Cats!


Looks like the wind will be a factor.

Enjoy this day Ticats fans, days like these are few and far between!
I'll be carrying my father's commemorative coin from the '72 game with me for good luck and in his memory.

My only expectation of the game is that they give it their all for a full 60 minutes.
Hopefully we are given the storybook ending we have waited a long time for.



well we have the 30km or more winds...

it's going to be damned cold.

trust me.

To be fair it won't be 4 degrees at game time and definitely won't be 4 degrees in the upper seats.
However point taken -4 still isnt that bad all things considered.

We were in Calgary Alberta one Grey Cup in the 1900's , it was even cold in the Bar's . Man , painful ,minus 20 frigid Alberta , great atmosphere & friendly bunch ,loved it.....but we in the south really are bit spoilt ....just a bit ,that wind is COLD today as the Fisherman said....

The forecast calls for 3 Celsius. That's incredibly balmy sissy Florida-like weather in my book. I was hoping for real Canadian December football weather of -13 Celsius in a blizzard where both Canadian linemen and polar bears come out with bare arms.


Decided to skip the snow pants Just Boots Heavy sweater Jacket Gloves and Balaclava
leaving soon see you all there