Getting ready for a Cold Day sunday

Is eveyone ready for a DEC Grey cup I am all set ..

Three layers of clothing for the grey cup on Sunday

Ski mask hoodie gloves

Leather jacket Ducks Unlimited lined Lumber jacket sweater long sleeve t-shirt

Snow pants Jeans long underwear

Two pair of socks Lined snow boots good for - 40

Think I'm ready for The Grey cup

It's going to be a freezing cold one for sure, but we knew back in June when they announced a Dec 12 GC that the chances were pretty good it would be cold.

I hate being overly cold why Have so many layers
At least it won't be Winnipeg cold

Right now, The Weather Network is forcasting 4*C and partly cloudy with 20%POP.
That's still shorts and (unsocked) sandals weather...


You wear socks with your sandals ?!? :smiley:

Grey wool work socks with Birkinstocks is valid footwear.
Also, a pair of fresh sport socks with a pair of sport sandals/slides feels incredible. That combo, however, never leaves the house... lol

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I am still going to look like the Ticat's version of the Michelin Man

SO close to TRUE sartorial splendour and then you lose it with the last line.:disappointed_relieved:


No worries , I'm going to get my mom to dress me . :laughing:


We are complaining about 4 degree weather really? ..when did the Hamilton faithful become Toronto whimps?
In GC 2013; Regina we sat in -35 (incl wind chill) couldn't care less about the weather....the game was ridiculously painful...even when they fumbled the ball popped back to them...we knew it was gonna be a long night. Only time I've been to Sask.


Dry cold I can take anyday you can dress for it and enjoy it .

But damp rain and wet snow is a whole different matter .

Rather be minus 5 and sunny than plus 5 and wet .

Especially since they never put a roof over the stands at THF .

The winds at THF can be bad like effecting a throw or kicked ball in mid air bad even if it was October it wouldn't make a difference it creates a wind tunnel effect .

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Plus 1 C forecast for evening , warm December Evening here in Southern Ontario ,

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On December 12, THF could still very well be the warmest CFL stadium east of Vancouver.


All hands on deck to keep the field clear of snow.

5C in the day and could be 2C by the evening kick off with strong winds.
So it could feel colder than any stadium east of Vancouver.
Dress in layers and a wool face mask

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That's the plan

Stadium maintenance . Pinching pennies .

as someone who often fishes in December, open water, what determines how bone chillingly cold it is ... is WIND!

I'd take -10 and no wind vs +3 and 50km winds.

Another thing fisherman know about winds.....don't check them until the morning of...because wind forecasts cannot be trusted in advance.

If it turns out to be plus three or plus four, and under 10km winds, we will be golden.

plus three or plus four with 30km winds or more ... it'll be DAMN COLD!

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Im going with TC flag as cape. Stevie Baggs shirt. Face paint. Don't change a classic look.

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Must be hard on the players waiting all day for that 6 pm start. And would it not be more comfortable for the fans to return to a 1pm start? Sitting in the sun for a few hours. The finals started at 1pm. I am sure the Grey Cup would sell out with the 1pm start and the tv audience would be there.

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