Getting Ready For 2011 TC --- Sneak Peak

I figured i would start a new topic to talk about Bombers coming into camp in 2011 as of this date, i know things can/will change but it's a good way to get a quick fix, and there is more to come!!

QB Frank Wilczynski - 6'1 - 190 - age 24

RB Alex Henderson - 5'10 - 200 - age 23

REC Josh Bishop - 6'2 - 220 - age 23

LB Rico McCoy - 6'0 - 224 - age 23 - (This boy has speed and can Hit)


bishop and mccoy are impressive.. henderson is in for a battle cuz garrett looked good and can return kicks aswell.. can henderson? not sure.. wylcienzski... probably wont make it to camp but if they do bring 4 to camp... id suspect he's the guy they bring... (assuming jyles isnt traded or injured at that time). buck, elliot, brink, wylcienski... or buck, jyles, elliot, brink. dont think u will see more than 4 tho.