Getting Ready For 2011-Part 1- QB,RB,Receivers

I am a Bomber fan at heart and alway's will be but it is time to face the facts and that is our chances of making the playoffs are really slim, so we sould start 2011 evaluations now, here are my thoughts:

Obviously we need to upgrade/add to our Canadian Talent and hopefully some good fa's will be available and we need to draft smart next spring. We need to add at least 1 NI OL player, Douglas and Butler have been good but i would rather see the Bomber's keep Douglas on the line (as i think he is better than Butler and younger) and that would allow us to start another import elsewhere.

QB'S --- We need to start to take a look a Brink and Elliot and this has nothing to do with Jyles, speaking of Jyles he is showing flahes of being a great QB but he needs to be smarter, needs to make quicker reads and learn to check his 2nd/3rd options instead of focusing on one receiver. Yesterday he went deep into DBL coverage at least twice with other receiver's wide open and on 2nd down he went deep instead of checking down and finding a receive that had a chance to make a first down. I also think that Jyles has not proved he can be the permenant #1 QB, so i say bring buck back in 2011 or make a move for another QB (Ray), in a perfect world i would like to see us get a guy like Drew Tate, that kid will be a great QB.

RB's --- Fred Reid is still one of the best backs in the league and will be 30 next season but he should still have two good years left. This Bernard situation nees to be addressed in the offseason, either trade him or cut him as he is obviously not in the picture, groom Garrett to be the next back, he can play RB/WR/KR and is super fast he is a keeper. I would like to see Stephenson get more carries before the end of the season, still young and we need a power back in certain situations, if they feel he is not the answer i would like to see them make a move for McCarty or Andrew Harris in the offseason.

WR's --- Get rid of Ralph already, he is lazy and obviously scared to take a hit, he makes no effort to make a play for the ball, play Watson/Hagreaves in his place as i think both are better options, sure Ralph is fast but that can only take you so far. I still like Hargreaves and have been fustrated with the way he has been used (not used), move him into the slot and he would be a perfect weapon when we need 4-8 yards for a first down. Edwards is the best receiver in the league this year but how long will he play? Carr and TJH are keepers, Davis is good but i think there could be better options unless we keep him as a DI. Bowman has lost his job in my opinion and it will be hard to trade the guy now, but doesn't hurt to try, he has had way to many chances and has failed, cut him/trade him in the offseason, do something just get him and Ralph out of here, oh and get rid of Jameyal Smith as well. McHenry has size and solid hands but never gets a chance to play, so he Jury is still out on him. If the opportunity some how became available i would like to see the BBs make a move for Akeem Foster, always liked this kid and we could pick him off BCS PR and that would force Wally to insert him into the active roster. Other options are drafting WR Parker in 2011, this kid has huge upside, use the number one on him if you have to, i think he is worth it, i have followed him for the past 2 years already and the kid is a stud. Other NI receiver options are Steven Turner (T.OS Draft Pick-Cut-FA), i like him bring him in on the PR this year Could it hurt. Brad Smith (EDM), Clermont (sask), Chris Bauman (HAM), Adam Nicolson (HAM), Mike Bradwell (TO) could all step into Ralphs spot.

That`s my opinion!! might be a good idea to have a look at an o lineman as well bluengold....These guys are real difference makers....but yes Parker would be a nice pick :thup:

Oline for sure. Using 2 Imports on the oline is not paying off enough to continue. Our NI receivers don't scare anybody. I really think we need to find a quality NI tackle, and start four Import receivers, and bring Cory Watson up to #1 NI receiver.

Seriously...does anyone disagree that Edwards, Harris, Carr, Bowman/Davis, and Watson would be a big upgrade over Edwards, Harris, Carr, Ralph, Hargreaves?

Oh...and someone needs to light a fire under Jyles. He just doesn't seem to have any intensity...

Turner suffered a season-ending injury early in Argo camp and will not be on anyone's practice roster this season. He will be back with Toronto next year -- he's from the Toronto area and the Argos have big plans for him. If you think Brad Smith would be an upgrade on Ralph, you must really hate Ralph. Bradwell still appears to have some potential but is completely unproven at this point. Clermont is old and his body is worn down. Bauman probably has the most potential of all those guys. Who knows if any of them will be free agents next year, though.

Saying Tate will be a great QB when he's proven about 1/8th of what Jyles has is kind of crazy. But bringing him in and having a competition between Tate/Jyles would be nice, sure. There's no chance of a trade for Tate anyway, though.

There's also no chance of a trade for McCarty. I'd like to see more of Stephenson too. Harris would be a trade possibility perhaps.

Anthony Parker is a heck of a player. If I had the choice I'd be taking him for sure. O-line is important, but I have seen some of Parker in the past few years as well and he is absolutely a stud. I would not be happy if we passed on him. I wouldn't mind taking a chance on Bauman since he'd likely be available for cheap and might be more motivated here.

Lapo’s reluctance to start 4 NI’s on the oline has been the biggest farce of the year as far as I am concerned.

What’s the point if the oline is a little shakey when you have an atheletic QB. The drop off from our I and NI receivers is like night and day and has cost them in the long run.

Lapo’s decision making just leaves me scratching my head almost every week.

Don't waste your time on Bauman, you're better off going after Nicolson.At least he can catch SOMETIMES :lol:

It all starts at QB! How can you truly evaluate Oline players etc, when your QB is no good? When a HC is insistent on starting a QB that is clearly not up to it, speaking in general terms/any team/any qb situation, the oline always takes the fall.

Put in a great QB and the oline will do just fine thank you. Greatest example is Doug Flutie and the Buffalo Bills, not a NFL fan btw, just rooted for Flutie down there big time.

Carl Mauc(sp) was the oline coach, he got the blame because Rob Johnson was a BUM. Carl would say, the oline is just fine when Flutie is at QB.

yOU GET MY POINT? Switching oline guys around as if that will be the answer to a bad QB`s problems, is ridiculous, not to mention a waste of time.

Wonder if Flutie is available??? I know one guy that has the same abilities, but with a stronger arm, and he is available!!! :cowboy:

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