Getting psyched for this next game

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I hope the Cats can repeat last weeks performance! Winnipeg is geeting some bodies back in the line-up and they will be very desperate.

Any news on Bradley? Him over Tisdale would give our secondary a huge boost to the confidence they already have after last game. Especially if those receivers for the Bombers are coming back

Winnipeg has brought in Kicker Warren Kean and look for them to either Sign Jarret Payton or trade for Joe Smith soon.

I don't have a comfortable feeling about
this game on thursday, The bombers will be
ready for us and they are playing at home.
This one will be a hard game to win.

agreed. They are desperate and need to start winning now.

they are going to come out fighting.

I Expect this one to be fairly close.

Let's hope our O-line keeps it together
or we will be in trouble.

Okay ... a small voice of positivism ... Kevin Glen's back at QB and he's STRUGGLED like CRAZY so far ... and he's calling his own plays ...

IMHO that's a kiss of death ... the team's not gelling, not working under ANYONE ... so why would bringing Glen back and having him call plays help?!?