Getting John Avery from Toronto??

I know Avery is injured right now ( ankle) but with
Torontos signing of Robert Edwards and Avery being disgruntled with playing in Toronto. what do you think of Hamilton picking him up? I think he could compliment Lumsden in the backfield. ( notice how Im staying away from the qb situation all together!)

Nope. Wouldn't take him if my life depended on it. Too expensive for what we'd get from him. Too often injured. Besides - he played for the blue team...

I didnt think he would be too expensive considering his playing time in the last few years. Does Hamilton have room in the cap?? Although he has played for the blue team ( yikes!!)I think once hes healed, he could play with a chip on his shoulder. Ready to prove something.
More ammunition to play better against former teams.

Didn't we just have a RB controversy over Holmes and Lumsden? Avery is not a much different back than Corey and not an exceptional blocker in the backfield, as well.

Your right, we did have a little controversy. But I think we all know that Lumsden is our number one guy.
I thought that Avery might be a good compliment to the backfield.
I think Avery, when healthy, has better speed.

Nope, although he took a big pay cut to stay with the Argos when they went after Ricky Williams, he's still on the books for something like $125k/year. Way too much for what you get in my opinion.

My guess is that if Robert Edwards has any kind of game this week, Avery will be cut which means the Cats (or anyone) could sign him at a much reduced salary. He'd still be a useful player for someone but not at his present salary. Man, he'd probably be making more than Lumsden if he joined the Cats today.

He's physically unreliable--sits out a lot of games with bumps and bruises. And he doesn't pick up his blocking assignments very well which is why the Argos kept Jamal White earlier. I'm hoping Edwards can still get it done making Avery excess baggage.

An Argo-Cat fan

I really do think Avery is on his way out. When healthy he is an effective running back.

125k is too much right now. Considering his last few years. I wonder how long that price is in his contract?

He seems to be too much of a risk at this point. Too injury-prone, too much of an attitude, too dramatic IMO.

I rarely if ever speak well of a blue team person, other than Pinball who is just such a special guy and I even told him that we couldn't talk football...
I really like John Avery. I like his style. I like the way he speaks frankly and waits rather impatiently for a chance to play and then gives everything he's got to show and everyone up.
I sure wouldn't enjoy coaching against him.
I think he's a tiger at heart and would be a good fit if we could scoop him up in a fire sale (after he's cut).

I would assume, based on interviews and such, that Avery would be looking to be a starter. I don’t know if any of the GMs out there view him as such. I certainly wouldn’t after his well documented injury troubles.

He may be a decent player, but he lacks blocking skills and is getting older. I also wouldn’t want him as a backup for another reason: Anthony Davis.

Dumping Holmes moves Davis up the charts. Davis is a good player, who, given time, could become a very good player.

I think we need a certified 3rd stringer, something that Avery is most definatly not willing to be.

the ticats should get marcus vick's neg rights from the argos and sign the kid, he played WR for the dolphins last season but didnt get much time, he could be a decent cfl SB.

get darrahn diedrick from montreal to backup, he is a workhorse

I say Pleasssseee Marcel Pleeessseee. :smiley:

John Avery is an idiot.

Never. No. Nada. Not.

His own team mates don't like him.

I don't have the link. :wink:

i still dont even know why avery is still in the cfl, he oad year in edmonton where he rushed for 1400 yards, then he got too cocky, he wasnt even the centerpiece of the offense in edmonton, he was just a system back, and tom huggins had a good system in which any back could rush for 1000 yards.

I think he's a tiger at heart and would be a good fit if we could scoop him up in a fire sale (after he's cut).
I like it, can you imagine, if he did get signed for a cheaper salary. Playing against his old team the Argos. If Jessie didn`t run it down their throats, Avery sure would!!

im wonder who stole more money from a sports team john avery, jason maas, or morreale?

also the cats dont need a backup RB, they need to move to a spread offense, that uses a no-huddle approach, spread the field with 5 receivers, one back in the backfield, multiple formations, and use the no-huddle to keep defenses off-balance.

Don’t need a backup RB? Who plays then if Lumsden gets hurt? You?

Either way we already have Davis.

Of the Hobbiton Hugginses?

I won't say anything about your cheap shots against the players.