Getting in to Labour Day game should be fun!

Just spoke with the Cats. Details to follow later today. It doesn't sound good.

Have the Cats advised what kind of Negative test they are looking for?


How many of you have tried to load your tickets on an Android phone - not an iPhone?
It's supposed to work - step 7 (or so) of the procedure shows an Android detour, but I can't get MyTix to load in step 5.
I asked them if I could print out copies or show my receipt on my phone, and I was told I'd have go through covid protocols at the ticket office (and then Star Security would smuggle us up to our seats under a plastic tarp ... true story).

Get the Google Pay app and use that route. Much easier.

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Tapping the "tickets" button failed to function properly for me at first. I don't use Chrome as my default browser.

Changing my default browser to Chrome made the "tickets" button in the All Access app take me through to MyTix properly.

Then, if you have "Google Pay" installed, the MyTix screen for a given game should have a "Save to phone" button that will let you save your ticket for offline display using Google Pay.

I'm a pretty tech-literate person, but I find this whole "electronic tickets only" thing a giant pain in the ass. I'd much rather print a paper barcode to display at the gate. Among other things, sometimes I simply don't want to bring a phone to the game at all.


I'll try on Chrome, thanks.

And I’ve stood in line with my paper ticket for what seemed like hours while someone’s phone was being scanned over and over because the scanner could not read the barcode. Every paper ticket was scanned quickly without issue.
I’m still not sure why they eliminated the print option or is it because of ticket master policy?

Should be interesting, the scanning of phones, showing the paper copy of the vax or covid test, showing picture ID to prove that it's your vax or covid test, plus the usual bag search.
They should be opening the gates 2 hours before kick off instead of the one hour.
It's almost like going through the security at the airport

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All the while standing in the furnace sun.

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The same sun that makes viewing smartphone screens so easy!

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Hopefully it's not a windy day . I could just see someone showing one of the doofus's at the gate their little piece of paper proof about getting vaxxed and having it blow away in the breeze .

I'm personally thinking that this has all the makings of becoming a regular shit show on Labour Day .

Details out now - digital or paper vaccination receipt or PCR or antigen negative test 48 hours prior to kick-off. And photo ID.

Those are going to be some long lines...

Made even longer by the fact that everybody will be spaced six feet apart from one another .

Folks! Forget the bags. The lines will take forever.

Just hide the mickey down your crotch. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Masking still mandatory

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It might not be that bad getting in if everybody has the required documentation ready in hand. They will scan your ticket, quickly glance at the ID and Vax paper and be done with it.

Where it could slow things down is if people start having phone problems and are standing there swiping away with password problems, low batteries, and screen glare.

I think it will be like security at the airport. You know, when they say repeatedly to have your liquids in a bag and your boarding pass and ID ready and inevitably someone is scrambling for the documents at the last second despite standing in the line for 10

On another note, is anyone who is not vaccinated going to bother with a test? Aren't they $100 a pop?

PCR tests are $160+ dollars

Antigen tests are quite cheap.

Antigen tests aren't very accurate, but the cost of PCR tests is so high that very few places mandate only PCR tests.

You know, this is the price of making a decision. With the growing number of places mandating vaccinations in the workplace, and requiring routine tests if you refuse, then I see very few companinies financing the testing. This will fall on those who, for purely selfish reasons, refuse to get vaccinated. If there is a valid medical issue, I would hope the companies do whatever they can to lessen the financial burden on those employees.
One only has to look at Florida, with infection and hospitalization rates higher than at any time in the past 18 months. There are at least six other states in the same boat - all because people refuse to get vaccinated.