Getting Concerned a bit

...I know we have a new coach and management changes have taken place BUT....looking at other teams going after their top free agents and getting them on the dotted line for 09 ( couple of examples Mont. ,the hammer, and Sask) it seems we are slow once more out of the gate....Latest word is Picard has pushed away the deal that would have seen him remain in Wpg....What the hell gives Taman?????....not a word or sniff on any of our top guys...Maybe the Taman change should have been 'right the hell out of the door' instead of taking away half of his duties...Get off your duff Taman... :oops:

I was thinking the same thing. Maybe if Berry was still here, we would be hearing more. I suspect Kelly is looking at all the options and not making any quick decisions. There is probably more going on behind the scene that the public knows about. I suspect that once February rolls around we will start hearing a lot more.

Taman is busy searching for a new Head Coach for 2011. Kelly will have two years. Taman will blame him for not winning with the lack of players Taman ISN'T providing. Same old song, Ritchie, Daley, and Berry know how the song goes.......

...Kelly has just as much say as Taman on who stays and who goes.....Once the new coach gets a grasp and makes his decision on player personel I believe we'll see a few positive moves....Tamans' responsibilites have been reduced to the point where he will not have any authority over Kellys future....that resposibility is with Lyle Bauer and the board...Taman is no more than a glorified scout in my estimation....Someone must have read my post of yesterday :lol: ...cuz today we have finally got one of our key guys to re-sign ( see topic on Bomber fas.) :wink:

Well papa re-signing Malveaux is a good move. He's improved in my estimation since his days in Als' colours. Letting Malbrough go is not a great loss. I think your secondary will be fine if you can settle on a safety and somehow lose Robert Bean.

…i believe you have a great handle on our players MadJack…cuz I agree with your post totally…You aren’t relaying any of our indepth player personel knowledge to Popp are you… :lol: …Bean definitely is on the bubble… :wink:

Honestly whats there to be concerned about everyone in WPG knew that Kelly wasn't going to make any announcements until mid January and we are at that point now so your going to hear stuff and Free Agency doesn't start until Febuary we got tonnes of time. The way I see it is that there are probably players out on the market that Kelly's interested in and doesn't want to pull the trigger on certain players right now because he'll lose cap space and might lose out on players he wanted to go after, and there is a very good possibilty that there are some college stars that might be coming here to do a job just as well as a veteran would but for a cheapier price.

FYI- Taman has no control over signing players anymore he's just mainly a scout now.