Getting close to the end of the football seasons

I notice less people on the CFL board since the season is over....My "THE" Ohio State Buckeyes got the bowl game then its over and my Cleveland Browns have one game left....The NFL playoffs start then the Super Bowl and then its over....I cant stand when any football ends I just wish it was 365 days a year!!!I just hate soccer because its not fast enough and lacks scoring...North American foootball is the best sport on the planet and I cant live without it

There definitely is a lul in the year when all football is done (CFL, NFL, CIS, NCAA), but there is always hockey!

Seems like all leagues were down only good game I saw this year was the CIS CHAMPIONSHIP GAME....I dont know much about canadian college football but that was the best game I saw all year

Ask cflisthebest if he liked the end result of the Vanier Cup... :lol: :lol:

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It would be nice if there was a North American spring football league from March-May. Maybe a 9-game season with 10 teams which could serve as a feeder league for the CFL and NFL. Five US teams, Five Canadian playing hybrid NFL/CFL, ok, maybe I have had too much to drink!