Getting Better

I must say the Bombers looked alot better against the Stamps. They made the game interseting. Its a shame they didn't win, but I was impressed with the way they played compared to weeks one and two. Hopefully they can keep getting better with what they have. I can't see Daly being in the peg for the entire year....even if the Bombers had a better lineup...he is no coach

Our offense must score some TDs. 3 TDs in 3 games will win you nothing. With Milt out, we don't even have a starter on offense with a TD.

The D is looking good though. They are a bright side so far.

D is looking great, special is ok, Ofence is playing like a farm team still.

Though I love them, you can't win games by just scoring Singles. :roll:

thats what our whole section was cheering for.. whenever we were down by 6 we'd cheer 6 more punts!!!

or whenever westwood lined up for field goal, we counted a single. are good. The leg on Jon Ryan is unbelievable...

The D is improved because they do not give up the big play as easily. The O-line protects the QB better now, but has forgotten how to open up holes for Roberts.