Getting beat deep

Two problems from Saturday. One, you cannot take that many penalties but second and more glaring is when you give up that much passing yardage to a backup, that's a really bad sign.

I watched the Montreal game. I sincerely think we are as good as they are offensively and even at D-line and linebacker but our db's coverage is suspect. I realize it is only game one. The problem is we play the Al's three times in the first 6 if I have that right, so we had better send a message on Saturday.

The East is to competetive to fall two or three games behind early. I also thought Kevin Glenn played decent. There are and will be absolutely no gimmies this year.

No gimmies is a hard fact, and yes AC could have a feast on our pass defense. I'm not entirely convinced that all the blame lies with the DB's (though it might). But I saw many blitzes easily picked up by the Argos, meaning our DB's were often left without help over the top. Scheme is another problem. Our opponents seem to be able to read our defense and hit the weak spot. As for our d-line, where was the pressure on the QB from our rush ends? Belli had a sack up the middle but I don't recall Cotton or Cheatwood even getting close.

It is definitely about pressure and timing and I think we can make a better evaluation after this week. I am just hoping is will improve quick or we'll get into a deep hole very quickly.

Agreed - we saw the same thing last year. The first several games, the d backfield looked brutal. When Cheat rejoined the team and they were able to exert some pressure, the dbs were said to be "gelling". Not great but better.

Almost no pressure on Wynn Saturday - they could have had their equipment manager at qb and he would have found guys open.