Getting a new Ticats jersey. Need some help choosing!

Hey gang! I am happy to have the Cats and the CFL back. I am having a tough time picking a player to get a jersey for.

I am looking at Banks or Laurent. Some current greats! I missed a lot of news this past year, lots going on. Are there other players I should consider?
I know some people get themselves on a jersey, but I'm never sure as a fan if that's weird or not. On the other hand those make nice gifts for fans you know.

Anyway, would love to hear some ideas or tips. The New Era jerseys are nice (going with home black). The last one I bought was a Reebok one.

Oskee wee wee!

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Never put any name on your jersey that isn't in the hall of fame or your own.


I tend to want current roster as putting former players on a current jersey seems weird. I do see what you mean though.

I do like the nickname ones or the fun customs. I guess just my name and fav number is fine, but do some fans think that's like you wishing you were a player OR is it 'hey I'm part of ticats nation too'?

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Its a fairly expensive investment that can become quickly irrelevant when you use a current player. Look at the Ledbetter and Manziel jerseys!:rofl:

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Both are great choices. I've seen alot of Banks jerseys, can't remember seeing many Laurent. Go with the defensive tackle, they hardly get any love, except maybe Mosca and Barrow.

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Definitely would have been weary of a Manziel unless you just wanted that novelty. Thanks for the ideas!

Guess that's why I'm leaning to long serving current favs (may be gone in the next few years) or my own.

Laurent seems like a great guy too, to me, which really matters.

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Does anyone know if the shop has run any sales over the Labour day weekend?

And how have you found the heat pressed twill letters/numbers on the New era jerseys?

Haven't had much chance to use them!

I always buy blank jerseys and put my own number 3 on them. I have dozens, CFL, baseball, hockey, soccer, lacrosse even rugby.


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:sunglasses: Just gotta love your bottom picture, of my favourite NHL team,
The Chicago Blackhawks :smiley:

#3, was Keith Magnusson one of your favourites ?? You couldn't go wrong there !!

This is MOSTLY true. However if you have a personal connection to a player, then you definitely get his name and number. My wife and I got the first "CROSS" #39 jerseys that the Ticats sold. There have been others now but I am sure all have gone to relatives so far.

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In the current era there is too much roster turnover. Most players rarely stick around for more than a couple of years. Especially now that most contracts are 1 or 2 years and then the player splits in Free Agency.

Better to invest in a more timeless name.


And you will be getting rid of those jerseys in a couple of years when he goes to the Riders as a free agent like all good hometown Saskatchewan boys do.

I do still have my Stala, that I got an auto on, and a Dyakowski. For me, as long as I like the player now or within that jersey era, I'm ok if they move on down the road. That's the business. I just want to make a good choice. If someone gifted me a personal one I'd be happy, but feel weird buying it for myself.

I have really appreciated all of the feedback today. I kept reading the forum posts and figured that there was a lot of good folks that could help me.

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Well yes, Keith Magnusson was one of my favourites. Three time Norris Trophy winner Pierre Pilote also wore #3.

But that's not why #3 is my number.

Back in 1981 when I was young, prosperous and determined to be a big shot, I had trained myself to count cards playing blackjack and flew off to Las Vegas. Walking by the roulette table at the Flamingo, on a whim I put a $5 chip down on #3 (the second lowest prime number). It came up. I scooped up my $175 and walked away. On my next trip I once again put $5 down on #3 at Caesar's Palace and it came up once again. I repeated the trick a third time at the Flamingo on a third trip. Quite the good run!

What I really should have been doing on my first trip in the fall of 1981 though was betting CFL. They actually had the Toronto Argonauts and the Montréal Alouettes as basically a push simply because American compulsive gamblers were more inclined to put money down on the cities they knew instead of on Edmonton or Winnipeg! I only learned of this though after I'd gotten back to Toronto.

Fast forward to 1994. On a weekend jaunt to Nassau in the Bahamas, I remembered my success in Vegas and put $5 down on #3 at the casino on Paradise Island. When it came up, my only thought was "Why did you make such a wimpy bet?"

Then in 2002 in Vilnius, I stepped up and put 20 euros down on #3 at the casino beside the newly refurbished Hotel Lietuva. When it came up, I simply looked up at the coupier and said "See?" My winnings paid for two weeks at various hotels in Vilnius and Kaunas.

But then I got to thinking "Why should the trick work only once per trip?" I hit a couple more casinos in Vilnius but lost both times on #3 so I quit. I tried again with $100 in New Orléans in 2004. No luck. Similarly at Casino Rama near Orillia where I was attending an Eric Burdon & the Animals concert in 2007(?), my $200 bet on #3 went sour.

I guess my luck's run out on the roulette tables, but not on my jerseys!



After the 2006 season, I went to a clearance sale at Ivor Wynne. It was after Jason Maas's first season here and because it was cheap, both in price and quality (no sewn-on numbers), I bought a black #11 with MAAS on the back. I guess I was holding out hope that he'd come around for '07. At least I didn't buy a more expensive #1 with PRINTERS on the back in September of that year.

When I bought my #1 (no name), Burris was wearing the number, but I thought of it as more of a Winfield jersey. It's been several things since then - most recently Frankie Williams.

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I've had several jerseys over the years . In the 70's I had a #25 Evanshen .
In the 80's it was a #5 Brock , #31 Zambiasi , #23 DiPietro and a #16 Fields . My son has them all now hanging up on display on his wall at home .

Funny thing about placing players name plates on the back is that my Fields one after time came off . After it happened you wouldn't believe how many people complimented me on my Chuck Ealey jersey . I would usually just laugh and explain that it was actually a Howard Fields jersey with no name on the back . :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: