Getting a Jersey Signed (how do I do it).

My son has a tiny little Ticats jerest with #1 on it. How would I go about getting it signed by Printers? I'd really like to one day have his very first Ticats jerest framed, with the autograph, and include a picture of Casey so that my son can see who signed it. I STILL have a "Cats of Prey" 86' Grey Cup poster signed by the entire Ticats team someplace in my parents attic. I got it when I was 6 and loved it... hopefully my little guy will grow up to love his jeresy!

Any idea how to get something signed by a player? Remember... I live in Petawawa not Hamilton.

Make a weekend trip with your son and come down to trianing camp and meet all the player and that your best way to get a signature soon

Best of Luck


I'm talking about more during the season. My little guy has only been out of the hospital for a month... not really too interested in taking him on a road trip to a football game. Coming down for training camp is not an option.

Basically, if and when I am able to make it to a game this year... what gives me the best chance of getting Casey to sign his jeresy?

hard to do that on games Days...
But If go Down to IWS During Practices this season After Practice they sign things.

If thing Same as Last year
Practices will be 4-6 PM EST Once the season Starts.

or find some to take the item to be signed
if can make it.

Okay, this can be done. If I come down for a game I can see a practice the day before or something and then go to the game. Nice. Thank you.

Well not day before the game those are walk throws Held for the Media and Players.
Your best bid is two day before a game in Hamilton.

also the ticats Can Change practices times and Locations due to weather or Events at Stadium.
Best to check with ticats before come.

I wish you luck..

I want to get custom jerseys for my little tiger and I where can I get them done for the best price in town?

If I were you Rusty I would wait till near the end of the game and then make you way to the front of Box J and ask Casey at the end of the game.

LOL - Maybe I'll make a big sign... LOL

I don't know Casey at all but something about that cat gives me a good vibe. Seems like he'd be a nice guy.

I've posted this picture before but here it is anyways... Wallace and #1 are on the back. Who knows... maybe one day little Cameron will be signing jerseys! LOL

Despite what many have said about his attitude, I really liked the way he interacted with the fans at the QB challenge. Definately a personable guy. One of the kids who caught the ball at the QB challenge is a blue team fan that I know. He was getting all the QB's to sign it and when he came up to Casey I said "he's not signing that". Casey looked up and saw the blue team jersey and shuddered and said "I don't know if I can sign that, man". It was pretty funny.

If you can't make it down for a practice you could probably catch him if you wait outside the locker room after a game.