Get Your Name On The Grey Cup: Grey Cup Fan Base

Just read that this week you can get your name on the new permanent base of the Grey Cup. Special this week for $349 and $399 thereafter. It's all over the internet at legitimate news sites. Except no mention on So I don't know if it's real.

It’s real:

“The proceeds will go to the CFL's nine teams and players.”

dont like the idea myself. Cups/trophies are for those whose efforts won the cup. Some things just should not be bought


No names are being added to the Grey Cup trophy. This is a stand/base that the Grey Cup will sit on. The symbolism being the fans hold up the league.

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Its 349 until Aug 30th but only for season ticket holders. Then its open to the public for 399.

This is the email I got

**The Grey Cup Fan Base: Celebrating the fans that are our foundation and the icon that is the Grey Cup


The Canadian Football League (CFL) has unveiled an innovative idea that gives its fans a unique opportunity to have their names forever etched in Grey Cup glory: the Grey Cup Fan Base.

" The Grey Cup Fan Base is our way of recognizing that our fans are, in so many ways, the foundation upon which this great league and the legend of the Grey Cup stand ," said Randy Ambrosie, Commissioner of the CFL.

Fans can have their names inscribed forever on a permanent new base – a beautiful, 48-inch high tribute to CFL fans crafted from Canadian maple and aluminum – upon which the iconic Grey Cup trophy will be placed at all its public appearances.

" When COVID-19 forced us to cancel the 2020 season, we said we are absolutely committed to making 2021 the greatest comeback in the history of the CFL, " Ambrosie said.

" Fans asked us, as they have throughout the pandemic: ‘How can we help?' The Grey Cup Fan Base is a wonderful way to help our league, and your team, come back stronger than ever. It's an incredible opportunity to show your pride in our storied history and your faith in our bright future. "

CFL season ticket members get the first chance to enshrine their names, or those of a beloved fellow fan they choose to honour, in Grey Cup history starting today for a fee of $349. Their exclusive window continues until August 30th at 11:59 p.m. ET . After that date, other fans can take advantage of the same opportunity for $399.

The Grey Cup Fan Base is a project supported by the CFL and the Canadian Football League Players' Association (CFLPA), with proceeds going to the CFL's nine teams and CFL players.

" The Grey Cup Fan Base is a great innovative idea that is supported by the players as a way to connect our passionate fans even closer to our game, " said Solomon Elimimian, President of the CFLPA.

" It not only recognizes and celebrates our fans, but it connects our players, our fans, and the teams across the league in a meaningful way. This fan support initiative will help us through 2020 and into 2021 as we look to come back stronger than ever before ."

To learn more, and to see a digital rendition of the newly created CFL Fan Base, fans can visit

This immersive website gives fans the opportunity to get an close-up look at the Grey Cup Fan Base. Those who decide to show their pride and support by becoming part of it will also be able to see their name or their honouree's name as it will appear, etched in aluminum.

The Grey Cup Fan Base package includes:

  • Your name etched on the Grey Cup Fan Base.
  • A digital collectors' item certificate of authenticity, displayed at, which features your name, or that of your honouree, and the signatures of the CFL Commissioner and a representative of your favourite team.
  • An exciting augmented reality displaying the Grey Cup Fan Base digitally in your home to share with friends and family via social.
  • An immersive digital experience that allows you to get up close with the Fan Base, showcasing your name etched on the Fan Base.
  • Recognition in your team's home stadium.
    Proudly made in Canada, the Grey Cup Fan Base is a dynamic, multi-level podium created to forever represent the fans who proudly support our players, our teams and Canadian football as a beloved, homegrown national passion.

It consists of ten pillars on each side, in recognition of the fact the CFL has nine teams and embraces Atlantic Canada as part of the CFL family. But it stresses unity by eschewing team colours, diversity by featuring pillars of various heights, and faith in a bright future as each pillar is illuminated.

" The design is intended to evoke the idea that our fans are lifting up the Grey Cup, which belongs to all, and the CFL and Canada along with it, " Ambrosie said.

" In this unprecedented and challenging year, we wanted to find a way to show how much we appreciate our fans' faith and dedication. And we wanted to do that in a way that allows fans to show that they deeply believe in what the CFL and Grey Cup mean to Canada, that nothing is going to stop us from being together again, and that we will continue to add to the legend and legacy of the Grey Cup. The Grey Cup fan base represents hope and confidence. It's a wonderful idea and a beautiful work of art. "

  • CFL season ticket members get the first chance to enshrine their names, or those of a beloved fellow fan they choose to honour
  • Columns are made of Canadian hardwood - representing the structure of the Base.
  • Grey Cup Fan Base stands 48" tall
  • Names will be etched onto Canadian made aluminum columns

To access your exclusive presale, simply log into your Alouettes portal, click on the "Offers" tab and click on "Grey Cup Fan Base".

It's certainly real; I worked on creating myself. :slight_smile:


When they say a digital certificate....that mean its online only? I would prefer something I could frame

What is this augmented reality experience? They say you could take pics and video in your home

Do you know if the base would travel with the cup? For example when the Cup is in the stadium for Purolator Tackle Hunger. Do you know if the base would be with it for fans to see?(If not, you can bring it up)


Looks good .

Once you've made your purchase, you can download your supporter certificate at any time, and print it for framing if you decide that's how you'd like to make use of it.

It's pretty straightforward; it's an Instagram filter you can use to display the fan base; here's an example:

It will definitely travel with the Grey Cup and be found at all public displays the Cup itself is featured at.


Thanks for the info. I've already got a brick at Molson Stadium. This will go along the with it quite nicely

That's great. Now you need to get it out there on and or any other sites like that. The more it's out there the more likely it will be a success and help to keep this league alive.

This seems pretty cool to me. But I just checked the FAQ, and unfortunately you cannot add a family name. Example: The Ticats Family. At that price, and during these times, I can't spend that amount of cash just for me. If I could add my family's name, we would definitely do it.

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We are in the same boat here. But we will support the league and also Honour my Dad who was an Ottawa Rough Riders Fan / Season Ticket Holder, for almost 40 years!! So it will his name that will represent our family on the FanBase :slight_smile:


Me too. I can't afford 3. My man already has his name on the cup so it's me or Dad. Sorry Dad but you are from Saskatchewan after all.

I ordered mine

I think they should re-think that approach. I am sure that there are plenty of families who cannot afford 2-3 or 4 names so they won't buy any, but if they allowed family names, they would buy one

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I can get your name on the actual trophy but it costs $10,000.

Please send all funds in the form of a wire transfer to my numbered offshore bank account and I’ll take care of all the rest :wink:

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...CAUTION, this is a scam...I tried it and all EVM did was change my legal name to 'Mike Vanderjagt' for $137 and then claimed he had complied to the promise made...don't fall victim to his snake-oil salesman promises!

maybe it is just me, but when I go to cfl home page and there is a square to click on re this topic, all I end up at is 404/error