OMG im so excited to start this season..six more days...i feel optimistic about this team this year...i have this feeling this is the year we make the playoffs with Quinton Porter and Kevin Glenn... I think we have the team to do it and I feel more confident then last year and its been a long time all i can say... LETS GET READY TO RUMBLE TI CAT FANS>>>...SIX MORE DAYS...



Couldn't agree more 'shwa guy! I'm haven't been this excited (..though expectations have been managed) since Bob took over the team. Really interested to see how Porter looks in the early going -- not that he should be judged too soon.

Not sure how ticket sales are going, but gotta figure that official home opener gonna be a big one!

There's a whole new feel, and I don't just mean the TiCats and that, but with the city hitting national and continental headlines with this Coyotes situation and, as well, the Pan-Am bid and new stadium possibly. Hamilton is emerging, image wise, as something more than what it has in the past. yes, economic times are tough in Hamilton but just about everywhere else as well. But I get a sense Hamilton and surrounding region is on the verge of really blossoming, people like Bob Young and Balsillie are putting it on the map and the article by Terry Cooke about the Pier 8 development with a walking/cycling bridge over the QEW where people from the mountain will be able to get to the lake by bicycling and walking, and a big outdoor skating rink there, ampitheatre for concerts etc.

Very interesting, very interesting. And the CFL in excellent health with the possibilty of a return to Ottawa with a new stadium and new stadium projects elsewhere in the league, wow!!! coming up on 100th Grey Cup!

I too am super pumped for the season. I am very optimistic for the season. I have started the last 3 seasons very optimistic and got burned less than halfway through the season.

Up until now, I have been realistic in my expectations for this year but as the season gets closer, I am getting psyched up and looking forward to hosting a playoff game in November.

The preseason games will tell us nothing, hopefully we don't go 2-0 again. We will see who the capable back ups will be. The first 5 games of the season will tell us exactly who we are.

We will win at least 8 games this year. The more I look at it, Toronto and Winnipeg are going to be junk.

Toronto will not be junk for the sole reason their new coach didn't dilly dally around and declared Joseph, arguably the best athletic qb in the league, with a ring, the starter. Did you see the interview with him? He loved this declaration. Argos will be a real contender, Bombers last place no question. TiCats, well, in the mix and Als, what can you say about them, always more than just in the mix.

But Earl, what will become of the Argos if Joseph goes down for an extended period of time?? That is just one of a few questions I have regarding the Double Blue this year....

True enough gill.

Joseph playing with a bunch of unproven bums and a defense with young guys, doesn't sound like a recipe for success.

Did Joseph get traded to Hamilton??? :slight_smile:

This team are looking like a team geling good in practice this year. And thats a great place to start. :wink:

Who cares about Joseph! The Cats are looking good! In this league anything can happen. The Cats are going to suprise everyone this season. They were competitive last year but just could'nt finish. This year they will fly under the radar and beat the best of em. CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!