Get your CFL GREY CUP , pop corn

I don't know if this is only in the GTA at major movie theater chains?

When you order a large pop corn [jumbo?] at the movies you get a large bucket covered with CFL team logos , the Grey Cup and the 100th Grey Cup , logo.

Kids should love this. I do and I am not a kid.

This is brought to you by NESTLE who is now a sponsor of the CFL. :smiley: :thup:

Good stuff.

Saw it in Winnipeg when I was there this weekend, so not just GTA

EXCELLENT & thanks. :rockin: A lot of people go to movies and buy pop corn. :thup:

It is a great promo idea. :cowboy:

That's a great idea from a blue chip sponsor!

Grats to the CFL and to Nestle!

I'll have to go buy a few of its products just to show my support for them supporting my favourite league!

Absolutley !!

This promotion is Nation wide !!

The buckets are made of plastic , have a handle and are very well done.

They are not cheap looking and only they have the word NESTLE in small letters in one place.

Not a bad collectors item. :thup:

I nabbed one when I saw "The Avengers" last month. It would be even cooler if they made them region specific (like one that highlights all the Hamilton Grey Cups that is only sold in the Hamilton area), but that's just my own selfishness coming through. No complaints about this one at all. Really cool keepsake.

Every one should get one. :wink:

There was a contest with it too. My Wife won

Subject: Cineplex: 100th Grey Cup Contest – Winner Notification / Concours de la 100ìeme Coupe Grey – Vous avez gagné!

If you are unable to see the message below, click here to view.
Hi ,

You have been selected as a WINNER for the Cineplex/CFL 100th Grey Cup Contest.
You've won a coupon to redeem a FREE bag of Nestlé Candy at a participating Cineplex location.
Please expect to receive your coupon in the next 3-5 business days.
Let me know if you have any questions! Thanks.

THANKS for that. :thup:

I forgot to add that on the 100th GREY CUP pop corn bucket there is a code for cell phones to win seasons tickets for your fav. team. :rockin:

Can anybody take a picture of one and post it?

I don't know how to down load here :oops:

this is a great promo! Getting the league and team logos out there is a big step!

Solid work Nestle!

I can post if you can email it to me.

No problem. Send me an e-mail address in a private message , please. :wink:

Message sent. I think.

I got it.

Aaaaand here they are! Thanks for taking these sadargofan!

That's actually a pretty nice bucket. Great promotion. :thup:

Thanks rpaege for the pics :thup: