Get Your Boos Ready O'shea Signs with the Argos for 2 years

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Ticats Fan the Man we love to Hate is Back the Argooooooooos

Too old.

Too slow.

Washed up.

He washes? :twisted:

:D :D :D

"Lumsden to the 40, to the 30, past the pylon with #50 on it..." :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

LOL that's funny. I wouldn't waste my time booing him.

Girl ! Your so MEAN :slight_smile:

O'shea kind of reminds me of Steve the pirate in this Ben Stiller classic !

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I thought there was a lot of people that wanted to see O'shea finish his career in Hamilton and retire as a Ticat?

IMO He will Always Bleed Argo Blue..
Even When He was a Tigercat.. He Still an Argo at Heart.
Oshea will be the Enemy Always
Look at his History
We Trade Edmonton for his Rights ..
We Start Cheering for him
He goes to try out for Detroit Lions ..
Promising He Resign In Hamilton But
He Comes Back Signs with The Double Blue.
We Trade for him When we Need a Middle Linebacker
When Tiggle Leaves.
a Year later He Signs with Double Blue
Once an Argo Always an Argo.

I still enjoy booing Michael O’Shea. He is an old friend of my cousins and I have met him numerous times and he is a great guy, but that still doesn’t stop me from booing. He understands it.

I love booing him almost as much as I love booing Vince Carter.

  • paul

Oshea playing at 37 tells me that the Argos have been asleep at the switch. They should've groomed a replacement by now but they didn't so they're stuck with Oshea--once great but now too old and slow.

An Argo-Cat fan

Stubler, please start O'Bum at MLB against us, to guarantee Lumsden a 100+ yard game.

really? Who?

Booing #50 makes him play better with more spirit than he’d have normally so why bother.

No way I want #50 back as a Cat …

You gotta give it to the Argos...when they find a middle linebacker they like they stick with him. 2 years? That's a bit optimistic Mikey.

Some mentioned Lumsden blowing by the pylon with number 50 written on it :lol: ... It'll be funny to watch him in a foot race with Jesse, I admit.

I respect what he's done. He's had a great career, but enough is enough.

Someone better Get Mike a Walker :lol:

I like that if you say the title of this thread out loud it says "get your booze ready".

O'Shea is a pantload.

I do have to agree with those who would say that this signing is good news for the blue team's opponents. If the blue team needs a linebacker whose best days are behind him,I actually consider this good news. And the last time O'Shame played, we saw Stokes burn him on a punt return for a TD. O'Shame may want to get used to having that happen to him.

And at least it looks like he'll get another two more chances to be inducted into the Forbidden Website's Hall of Fame.