Get yer Grey Cup tickets!!

I hear that Classified Ads sections in B.C. papers are chock full of Grey Cup tickets for sale by Lions' fans who suddenly have lost interest in attending......some at or below cost.

Hope they never have a losing season like the Ottawa Rough, er, I mean The Renegades.

They should have the GC game in cities that appreciate it. Like last year's game.

Go East Go!!

I think that will happen in every city. To what degree I dont know

Yeah. I will attend the 2007 Grey Cup game since its not that far, but I will wait for the Argonauts to be eliminated that year before I buy my tickets. I will get them cheaper than if I bought them now. :smiley:

The bandwagon is still burning.....I can see the plumes of smoke all the way into the interior!

I would go to a Grey Cup regardless, even if I bought my tickets in advance and if my Renegades lost in a heartbreaker Eastern Final against Saskatchewan.

I went to the Grey Cup last year and we didn't even know if we were going to have a team in Ottawa this year.
There's nothing like Grey Cup Week and the game. I can't wait 'til the next one in Ottawa. I hope I'm not wearing Depends or in a wheelchair by then.

Go East Go!!

When the Grey Cup was in Regina in '03 I went regardless of who was playing. Riders were close but lost in the Semi's to the freakin' Eskimos. Taylor Field was still completely full and all the temporary stands were too. I'm sure a lot of Rider fans went to the game whether or not the Riders were in it. Besides, when you buy your GC tickets in Regina you KNOW it's a longshot the Green and White will be playing : )

Well, bottom line for me is that the GC was soldout prior to the game, this is the key thing for every GC. The team gets a fair bit of this money I think so the fans are supporting the local team regardless.
Great to see this in Vancouver, shows the fans care. Yes, their team was doing so well and predicted to be in the game but they all knew it might not happen. Again, kudos to them. And most will be there even if those that can't sell their tickets as you might as well go and enjoy rather than giving them away for peanuts, have some fun, that's what I would do.

I'll be so mad if the GC doesn't sell out.

The chance to see a pro sports championship game is enough reason for me to go regardless who plays in it. I am planning on going to the game next year in Winnipeg and I don't care who is in it. It is a championship game. To see a winner declared and hoist the Grey Cup...that's all I need. Celebrate your team yes, but even more so, support the entire league.

The Grey cup is sold out.......
Has been for Months.

True Ro, but what if only half and a quater of people show up? that’s not a sell out, at least in the minds of those watching on TV.