Get well Soon Speedy:)

Saw on Twitter that Brandon had successful surgery for his sports hernia ! Found it kinda odd that they would wait till March 2 to have it repaired? Considering any complications or rehab anyways hope our MVP has a Speedy recovery!


Hallway medicine? Maybe he couldn't get in before now!

Shoulda gone to the Shouldice Clinic. Wham, bam, you are on your way! :grinning:

Sorry guys that info was from his Instagram act

Here's an update, from Speedy who would've been back in town, about now, for the opening of training camp this weekend:

I recall reading that he wanted to see if rehab could fix the hernia prior to trying surgery. It is always best to avoid surgery if at all possible.

How long does it take for a sports hernia to heal?

"A sports hernia typically takes about 4 to 6 weeks to fully heal before you can return to your sport . Treatment begins with about two weeks of rest before physical therapy, 1) Develop pelvic stability so your pelvis is less reliant on support tissues to maintain stability.Aug 18, 2017"

Probably because he had it done under our Canadian health care system? very long waiting list for this type of surgery. I assume the team didn't want to pay the extra and get it done straight away last November.
But it probably doesn't matter now anyway, the season is lost for this year. He has a full year to recover

Coulda gone to the Shouldice Clinic in Toronto. Apparently self referral, quite quick intake, and OHIP rates. Doubt that Cats would have had him sitting on a waiting list if there were other options. Can't see that cost would have been the deciding factor?

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Explosive player!!
Get well soon ! Loved watching him play

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He is special. I would have to say he is my favourite current Ticat. (I have an autographed home #16 jersey). :slightly_smiling_face: :mask:

Sweet! That would be cool to have

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You can bet if Speedy is waiting on the side line getting well he will have a real burn on to get in the game.

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"Always look at the bright side of life". :roll_eyes:

Pat Lynch (this is the TiCat site , right ?)

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