Get Well Grover

CHCH just Reported Grover Covington just had Heart Surgery

GET Well Sack Master All of Hamilton Loves you

You beat me to it. My prayers are with him and his family.

Best regards for a speedy and full recovery Grover.

All the best :thup:

Get well soon.


Get well soon, big guy. My thoughts and prayers are with you and you family.

Your friend at the Hall of Fame and your biggest fan,
John Cooper

I hope the surgery corrected his health problems. What more can one say except, get well Grover. We're still pulling for you big guy.

get well soon.

Ken Welch Gave More Detail ...
Last week Grover had Fluid Removed from outside his Heart that was causing Chest Pain.
He is now Resting well at Home

I'm really glad he is doing well. That is a very dangerous procedure for as simple as it sounds.

All the best to Grover and his family.

Get well soon Grover.
Sending positive thoughts your way.