Get Well A.C

Wow...that was a shocker. He will be getting surgery to remove half his thyroid. When he hurt his sturnum the doc's found something on the thyroid. Imagine he has played the whole season thinking about this. If he goes out he will go out a champion! My thoughts and prayors are with you and your family AC we all love you!!!!!!!!!!! :cry:

You are a true class act, AC. Get well my friend. You have our support! :thup:

Thoughts and prayers with Anthony, a truly special individual.

Best wishes AC

Calvillo reviendra, comme un gagnant qu'il est!

il mérite toute notre admiration, et il est le plus grand, quoiqu'il arrive.

Bon courage, Anthony, et à la prochaine!

While it's not clear what is the exact nature of Calvillo's thyroid problem:cancer or no...
I took the trouble to look it up, since we do know Anthony will have half his thyroid removed surgically.

Here's a pretty good article on thyroid "nodules" cancerous and benign:

[url=] ... oid-cancer[/url]

Alouettes fans will be relieved to know that thyroid cancer is the most curable form of cancer...with the most common forms having a 97% cure rate if treated appropriately...and that surgical removal of the gland can be compensated for with hormone therapy.

Get well soon Anthony
Best wishes

Very few families have not been touched by cancer or serious illness, including mine. So, we know there is a difficult and scary road ahead. As he stated, he could easily have left football early this season, but decided to tough it out. What a media circus and devastating turn of events that could have been. Result? Another stellar season, incredible stats, a 1st place finish, the Eastern Championship - and a GC!!! Only one comment - AC you are a class act, not only in the CFL, but in all of professional sports. Our hearts and prayers are with you and your family for a successful surgery and a speedy recovery. I would love to see you back for one more season, shatter all the rest of the remaining QB stats sheets, and one more GC!! This, my friends, is a Canadian “Rudy” story in the making!!! Hollywood, are you listening?

Now, in the off-season, the Als management and coaching staff are going to have to make some tough decisions. It appears to me that AD and Leak will be far more involved in the offensive schemes than anyone could have believed prior to the start of this season. In a worst case scenario (i.e. AC not having recovered enough or his retirement), AD could conceiveably be our starting pivot, with Leak and Santos as backups. In the best case scenario (i.e. a benign tumour and complete recovery) AC will be at the helm once again. Either way, however, I would think it wise to have AD start some games next season.

Despite the snubs, Matt Dunnigan made a great point when he opined that AC deserves to be among the top 10 CFL QBs of all time. I couldn’t agree more!!! Three cheers for AC!!!

Get well AC and thx for the great season.

As life is with it's up's there are an equal amount of downs

In wellness; Many warm wishes to Anthony and the Calvillo family in the off season.

I jumped for joy when Billy Parker intercepted Durant's pass which finalized the win for Montreal. However, my emotions dropped down very quickly when I learned of Calvillo's illness. Senior, it was good of you to post the article on throat cancer. It was helpful to read that this illness can have a positive prognosis. AC must have great inner strength to be able to position his mind on football while carrying very stressful thoughts within himself.

The day belonged to AC and Jamel Richardson. In the second half the team was able to beat the defensive rush as Calvillo, along with Richardson, Greene and others utilized successfully their short passing game.This was AC's third Grey Cup game and, it was his best. In the second half he was very focused and was on top of his passing game, leading his team to a deserved victory.

I am a Rider Fan but respect the Alouettes, especially Anthony Calvillo, the best QB in the league for a while now. When I watched the post game activities in the Al's locker room there was AC so calm and collected just taking everything in. Now I realize why he may have been doing just that without all the rah-rah. Our hearts and well wishes go out to Anthony and his Family who are facing yet another health issue. We hope you are back for 2011 leading the Al's once again.

:thup: :thup:

Great post. The Riders have really brought out the best in the Als. Great rivalry, and you guys have a great team. It wouldn't shock me at all if the Riders returned to the Grey Cup game next year.