Get Vaxxed, Please!

I missed you guys last year! If my neighbors (neighbours) up North have not gotten their COVID shot, what are you waiting for? Get vaxxed please and listen to your leaders. IF they tell you to wear the mask, do it. Don't make it a political issue, the vax and the mask could save you and if you don't mask or vax for you, do it for family. Your Thanksgiving up there is coming up soon and ours will be in November. We didn't get to have family and friends around the table last year. This year's different. We have the vax, the death rates are going down.

Let's get ready to have two seasons here in North America, the NFL and the CFL.


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Git ‘er dun!

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There will be players on each team who will not vax. Hopefully it does not become an issue.
NFL going through this also.

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If they refuse they should not be allowed to play

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Oh but isn't it a violation of their privacy to ask them if they've been vaccinated?

Or is asking okay as long as you don't ask for some documentary proof?


As they walk in you stand there with a needle
3 things could happen

  1. They allow you to vaccinate them.....they get to pass
  2. They send them off on their way
  3. They say no thanks, all got vaccinated...they get to pass

Teams can strongly encourage players to vax but can't force. I'm sure the issue has been addressed by the CFLPA.

Could influence roster decisions though.

Dave Naylor said right now, there are not even different rules in the amended CBA for those players who are vaccinated and those who are not. He uses as an example that both might not being able to freely roam the city.

Most Canadians have gotten their first dose. The 2nd dose is slow because of the rollout policy. It’s a waiting game

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…in my part of the country the second dose is happening way faster than the first…there’s something like 600,000 2nd shots ready now and the next two to three weeks of appointments are full….in all likelihood Alberta will reach vax levels to begin herd immunity in the next 6 to 8 weeks…

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Just under 500,000 in BC for 2nd. just under 3.396 million for first.

In Ontario seems like 2 Nd dose appointments getting moved up roughly 7 weeks. Bulk of 40+ yr olds should have second shot by start of proposed Aug 5 date.

63% is not "most Canadians" - and partially vaccinated in not full coverage.
We still need to be "fully vaccinated" to have immunity and we are at 10%
The government and most provinces are saying we are not opening up until 75% one dose and 20% fully vaxed.
Don't expect CFL stadiums open until the 75% - 20%
But that could be in only one month

Quebec as well! They went from 16 weeks to 8

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50% plus one is most Canadains!

1 dose is 90% 2 doses is 95 %

Quebec may allow a larger crowd for the Habs playoffs...but its hockey, always different rules for hockey
And each province will decide what they will allow so 75-20 means nothing


I'm getting shot 2 on Tuesday

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I believe that US players will have to be vaccinated in order to cross the border. That should help. Some of the stadiums and arenas down south are requiring proof of vaccination, or are trying to. It depends on who owns the stadium and whether higher forms of government have to make that determination. The local ballet company is doing mobile ticketing, proof of health information via mobile app, temperature taking plus masks. This is just to see people jump in the air, without coming down with the ball in traffic. If everybody wants to return to normal, why not get the shots? We do for flu, shingles, and so many others. Perhaps it is just that we live in an era of contrarianism.

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Just got my second shot, but the only “proof” I have is the print out from the Ministry of Health. Would we have to carry copies of theses two print outs?

My son in California got a lapel button and a card. That would work better.

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How bout a nice new tattoo? Or one that says “I got the big V”. Then guys can also lie to their girlfriends that they can’t get them knocked up.

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