get those garbage Bags out Eskimos!!!

You obviously don't like to use them so why quibble about spelling. Must be the rare air in 'katchewan.

Sylly spelling anyways.

Since this thread has gotten off its original topic, I've decided to hijack it and bring the discussion back to football and the Esks missing the playoffs.

Anyone else think the Esks will be saying "Adios, Maciocia" after a second straight season of missing the playoffs? He won the Grey Cup in '05 with a team he inherited, not one he built; then brought them to two straight losing seasons after a generation of post-season football.

I don't know the guy, so obviously I have nothing against him personally, but he seems to be the worst coach the Esks have had since...well, probably since before I was born.

Less fylling!

Obviously, a team misses the play-offs two years in a row, there will be a decent chance heads will roll.
However, I don't think it is as cut and dried as some might think.
The Esks had a ton of injuries, not the least of which was to the best QB (arguably) in the league and it was a rebuilding year.
I don't think the question should be, "After missing the play-offs two years in a row, should we fire the head coach?"

I think the question should be, "Though we missed the play-offs again this year, are we on the right track and have we made strides to get better this year?"
The second question is a tougher one to answer, but is the right question.
They blew the 2006 team up this year and started with a lot of new players.
I think they were making progress.
Now the question becomes, was it enough?
And the guy who turns the ship around isn't always the guy who steers it home....
In that regard, DM may lose his job as much for the PR as anything else.

Anyway, to get back on track, the best pilsner beer still comes from the Czech Republic
Or as we call it in 'Katchewan, 'Quell.

Hey that's good beer! =p Those Roughies have good taste!