get those garbage Bags out Eskimos!!!

7 days and it's garbage bag time!! :lol:

another season, another early exit! ANOTHER losing season!

so sorry.. NOT

see you in 2008!! the only thing that made it more enjoyable was that the Riders were the team to knock you out!


so about that.... congratulations on your first home playoff game since forever.

Classy post…not, what a maroon. Don’t have anything to cheer for at home so you cheer anothers demise. edited

I don't care.. I have the right to hate a team..

Seeing all the Eskimos Fans upset and crying over 2 missed playoffs in a row! It's nice to seem them suffer a little for once!

When the Riders were always struggling and missing the playoffs.. the Eskimos Fans were the first ones to laugh in our faces!

so now I'm returning the favour!

Classy and mature...

YEs and you wonder why there is so much dislike for the Riders. I hope it takes another 17 years for you to even get a sniff of a GC game. I was hoping the Eskies would have got a cross over but the Stamps did not help the cause either.

wow.. amazing how some people are so nice about the Esks missing.. when everyone should hate them.

I guess success brings out contempt. The Esks will be back, for now we will just have to take comfort in knowing that we have the best fans in the CFL.

Saskatchewan fans can't even lay claim to their own beer, choosing to wear the Lethbridge Pilsner label.


you should just quit posting all together. You sound like an idiot in the Rider forum and you make us all look bad with your thoughtless posts here in the main forum...

jman is my hero

So its better to cheer for a beer?

I cheer for beer. It shows good taste that Saskatchewan fans like Alberta beer. Just odd that they now claim it as their own.

For those of us not in the know, would you mind clarifying what you're referring to?

Saskatchewan fans were wearing capes with the Lethbridge Pilsner label on them. Now I realize that 'PIL' is now made by Molsons (sigh) but to true beer lovers it will always be Lethbridge Pil(or Vitamine "P"). Nice to see that they have good taste.

Ah…well that could be because Pilsner is a Rider sponsor here…

Its paper bags with eye holes cut out so they can watch the game but conceal their face, not garbage bags.

I think its a little harsh to wish Edmonton fans put plastic garbage bags over their heads and suffocate over a football season.

It's only been brewed by Molson's for 50 years now. Get over it.
And to a good Prairie Boy, it will always be known as a 'Sner.
But as they don't brew it in either Regina or Lethbridge anymore, big deal.

And it isn't all that tasty....

Too harsh?
Not sure about that....

Sner? You really do have a problem with first sillables don't you.

Still Lethbridge Pilsner, they even have a sillouette of the Sic's Lethbridge Brewery on the label.

And it tastes great.

Less filling.

And what's a sillable?