Get this man a tissue

“My bad” would you mind repeating this statement :wink:

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irregardless … :wink:

That one makes me see red. Right up there with the now-constant misuse of its and it’s, sigh…

Obviously that’s just how you roll.

I’m not a language prescriptivist. Language is beautiful and always in the process of evolving. But some stuff still gets my goat…

Anyway, I should stop taking this thread off topic. Let’s talk about Cody and his Man Tears.

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So irregardless bothers you more then robust, resiliency and competency?

Ok, but it was fun while it lasted. And actually my doctor is retiring in February so I could use a new prescriptivist.


And just like that the original post was lost forever


For your info it was only a large, side order of Buffalo wings, and it was from Pizza Hut…so there

This story shows exactly why Fajardo will not last in Regina.... you have to have a thick skin and he clearly doesn't......what's your qb solution sask?

Oh here’s another. So I just watched the Fajardo vid and after he calms down he says “excape”! … TWICE!! >:D

(everybody duck for cover now, d&p is gonna go rage postal. :wink: )

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I'm sure Fajardo has already left Regina. He won't be back until May unless someone pays him for an appearance. Some commitment from your "star" Qb. Contrast that to Bo Levi who lives in Calgary year round and does charity work all the time...a true productive citizen of the city and Stamps organization...

runs around room screaming and tearing out his hair, only he’s bald so there’s no hair to tear out and that makes the whole process even worse

I expecially hate when people say excape!

Please stop caping for your team in open threads, it’s very tiresome and borderline trolling.


…did anyone axe you for that opinion?

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Yup, I hate the word “axe”
Do we ban words here?

“axe” is perfectly acceptable AAVE. English is spoken differently all around the world.

…agreed, but not cool to write it