Get the CFL Season Started Already

If the NHL season ends in the next few days, there'll be a one month gap before the cFL season starts.

Meaning there is nothing for CAnadians to follow in that time period. I mean I turn on TSN last night, and all I see are baseball and basketball highlights.
LIke anybody in CAnada cares if Texas beat Baltimore in baseball?

So I guess this coverage is great for the handful of baseball and basketball fans out there, but what about the other 90% of us who could care less about either?

If you ask me the CFL should be jumping in to fill the void between the end of the NHL and the beginning fo the CFL season.

So why not start the league in the middle of June? Add a couple of more games to the schedule, and get things going. The CFL should seriously look at moving up the schedule a few weeks.

And those who want the CFL to die? Can you imagine a spring and summer with the only things to follow being Aemrican baseball and Major League Soccer? All based in Hogtown? Oh my.

i camp and pre-season should be may, with season starting 2nd week of june.

They don't need to add games, just move the whole thing forward 2 weeks. There's no need (or benefit) to be playing football in late November. May has WAY better weather and more sunlight than November, and it's wasted

what's the big deal about waiting an extra two weeks. it's nice the way it is now starting at the beginning of summer and the grey cup in late november.

this is perfect football weather.

last weekend at the DA QB challenge, i shoulda been at a game, not a skills comp.

The regular season starts in three and a half's not a big wait or anything...either way, you still have to wait the same length of time in the off-season for the new season to start...personally, I don't care when it starts, as long as it starts...

its just the weatehr is perfect now and screeeeaming for football.

id rather the season start first weekend of june and end earlier, thus 3 more weeks of summer weather and 3 less weeks of winter weather.

Maybe some kinda of kick-off All-Star game as the first preseason game for for the 1st weekend in June to mark the start of the season. Create some hoopla!!! I like the idea of Grey Cup champ hosting All-Stars from the rest of the teams, I'd bet that game would be a guaranteed sellout in the home stadium of the Grey Cup champ and it would be fun to see the rest of the team's All Stars trying to beat them.

It's not "screeeeeaming" for football for me...right now, it's "screeeeeaming" final exams...:lol:

uuuuuuuuuuggggggghhhhhhhhhhh don't remind me. the CFL is kind of a reward at the end of exams.

I'm happy with the schedule as it is.
26 days until the regular season kickoff and every day the excitement builds more.

Can't wait!

Considering just how short the seasons can be, I agree that the league could start 2 weeks sooner.

There is lots of training camp news now, in fact, This mornings Province Newspaper has the Lions Training camp ahead of hockey.

Schedule is fine as it is.

Yeah but let's be glad the season doesn't seem to dredge on forever, like the NHL.

Also, no sense changing the season just because this years NHL is going to be finished sooner. The NHL has had a lot of "Short" series this year. Usually the NHL goes deeper into June.

Don't change tthe CFL SChedule just because of ONE SHORT NHL season.

Berenzin never misses an opportunity to bash baseball and basketball...

Frankly, I'm glad the CFL doesn't start until the end of the month. It gives me time to watch my Lakers beat down the Celtics in this year's NBA Finals. I guess the NBA decided to make up for last year's stinker between the Spurs and Lebron James. :lol:

Whats wrong with bashin Baseball and Basketball?

In Basketball, give each team 100 points and play a 5 minute game, and do a couple of drive by shootings between games. :lol: :lol: :lol:

In Baseball, Scratch your groin, pick your nose, spit tobacco on your shoes, throw a pitch and shoot up steroids between innings. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Actually, I have watched the odd Triple A Baseball game, and live action is much better than watching it on TV.

Too bad you'll be disappointed Chief. Lakers won't know what hit them.

I'm not bashing baseball and basketball.
BAshing is when you make a criticism not based in fact.
Saying that baseball and the NBA are marginal sport in CAnada is fact.
The NBA final TV ratings will probably be half of a regular season CFL game.
Which is why I don't understand why the cFL won't start the season mid June instead of July?

The CFL bringing in higher TV numbers doesn't mean crap... People in this country still enjoy watching basketball!

The Raptors have enjoyed a consistent fanbase throughout their history. From 2000 to 2002, the Raptors led the league in sellouts, but attendances dipped slightly between 2003 and 2006. This improved during the 2006–07 regular season, an average of 18,258 fans attended each game (13th in the league), which translates to 92.2% of the ACC's seating capacity.[88] Following the success of the 2006–07 season, Toronto became one of the league leaders in season ticket sales for the 2007–08 season.[89]
The Raptors, coming off a 47-35 season in which they returned to the playoffs for the first time in four years and won the first division title in franchise history, have had about a 98 per cent renewal rate on season tickets.

Added to more than 2,300 new accounts, the team has eclipsed 11,000 in season ticket sales, approaching their best level ever, when they had about 12,000 at the height of Vince Carter's popularity and the team's success of the early 2000s.

The league is coming off its fourth straight season of record-breaking attendance, reporting that 21,841,480 fans attended games last season, an average of 17,757 per game. The Raptors averaged 18,259 fans in the 19,800-seat Air Canada Centre.

In 2002-2003 the Raptors were 10th in attendance: Source

In 2003-2004 the Raptors were 8th in attendance: Source

In 2004-2005 the Raptors were 16th in attendance: Source

In 2005-2006 the Raptors were 17th in attendance: Source

In 2006-2007 the Raptors were 13th in attendance: Source

In 2007-2008 the Raptors were 9th in attendance: Source

Even when the Raptors were doing bad from the end of 2002-to the end of 2006, they were still in the top 10 or in the middle of the pack.

I guess some people out there care about the Raptors and the NBA.

So maybe you can quit trying to knock it down. If you don't like it, that's fine. But there's no reason for you to constantly knock it. It makes you look kind of sad...