Get the CFL out of Toronto

Worst fan support in the league from the largest city in Canafa. Move the team to Halifax where they will get some fans and teama like Winnipeg and Regina will not have to keep them afloat with their fan base. Toronto is the A-hole of Canada


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Sadly, Toronto is where almost all the major advertising/promotional money is found


With all due respect, why do you care
Got a stadium in Halifax?

And when push comes to shove, technically Toronto has the best fans in the league


[Mod edit – personal comment] I care as the cities with the real fan bases have to share their revenue with this leach team

People love to hate but refuse to look at the positives.

There was like a 30% increase in average attendance this year.

Do you think this change will happen over night???


Let me explain something…The fan is the guy who bought a ticket and is sitting in the stands not the guy who did not

Now who is a better fan, The person who goes to a game to drink and eat and not even watch the game, just be there because it the popular thing to do, the in thing

How about the person who watches the super bowl for the comercials…is he a good fan?

Then consider the Argo fan…the real fan who spends his money to support the team to watch the games he loves regardless as to whether or not its popular, regardless of the possible insults he make take from non-fans

Who is the better fan

Again, why?


They are the top team in league and cant draw a 1/4 of the fans that Sask or wpg do and Toronto has 10 times the population. If they cant draw with a winning team then they need to be moved to a city that will support them.

Like where? You cant even argue Halifax because we have no idea if a team will truly be supported there.

Sure, they’ve sold out but the CFL makes it such a huge event that 50% of the fans are from Sask alone.

Quebec maybe?


Saskatoon as Sask could support 2 teams

If you move the argos, you can forget about ever having a 10th team


You’d have them play where?


How or why would the Riders agree to any such arrangement?


It’s sad that they are the best team in the CFL right now and yet the locals still don’t support them.

at least they have the support of MLS and as long as that is maintained it will be good for the team.

but if they move them and don’t have good financial support it will be hard to keep them.

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I doubt it … it would bleed a significant number of fans from the RRs.


MLSE isn’t going to sell the team or move it as it has been given managerial powers over the stadium. If the revenue is too low they will do more neutral site games. The brand of the Toronto Argonauts still has commercial value on TV and would be a draw for an American audience. If someone is watching elsewhere in the world, they would see Saskatchewan vs Saskatoon and turn the channel.


Looks like we have something here about how the West props up the rest of this country disguised as b!tching about Argo attendance…


As Illinois Welles @IllinoisGuy pointed out in another thread tonight, so many threads turn into a discussion about expansion.

Below is the transcript of all expansion threads.

And the wheel goes round …


Not wise to make business decisions based on the 12 people watching the CFL outside of Canada. They’re not tuning in regardless of which CFL teams are playing.


No one has mentioned anything of the sort – except you.