Get the Cats Global!!

As I am away from home right now in Shanghai, China, I have decided that every public computer that I come across should have as their home page.

Now I know that not all public computers allow administrative use, but many do! So... if you are away from Canada and have access to a computer, why not make our beloved Ticats the home page of the resident browser?

It can only spread the news of our TiCats and pique interest....

My covert campaign starts now!

You are to the Tiger Cats what Johnny Appleseed was
to America in the pioneer days, smogmaster.

Every computer set up with the ticats. ca as it's home page

will be like the seeds that Johnny planted

Some of the seeds he planted grew into apple trees
which fed the settlers so they wouldn't go hungry.

Some of the seeds you plant may grow into football fans
who end up satisfying their hunger with Tiger Cats football. :thup: :rockin:

Keep up the good work. You have 49 years to go

and your work may be still be bearing fruit 200 years later
like Johnny's apple trees have done since he planted them

and create many, many generations of Ticat fans.

I admire your sentiment, but personally, I'm not big on messing with other people's computers. If they picked a homepage, I don't think it's my prerogative to change it. I'd be irritated if anyone did that to mine.

In Taiwan 80% of the homepages are set to Having all those changed over to would be quite a boost to team support. Albeit it wouldn't be very nice to change someone's homepage it is fun to think about.

I do like the idea of the globalization of the team. Getting the word out is never a bad thing.

What next spraying OSkee Wee Wee on the seven wonders of the world? :roll:

What next spraying OSkee Wee Wee on the seven wonders of the world?
No, no, nothing like that... These are only hotel computers used for people to check e-mails, etc. I don't support messing with anyone's personal stuff.

These computers are used primarily by westerners... who really need to know about our Cats!!

(It is very easy to bypass this and go to Google, etc. but why miss out on such a striking Cats homepage??)