Get The Cat Machine in Gear!!!

Okay Marcel, time to get the Cat Machine back into gear, it's been stalled in neutral for the past three games and GET KEVIN GLENN in to start all remaining games backed up by our new number two guy Adam Tafralis, Quinton you tried your best, over time I'm sure you can develop into a great QB but right now we need to win and win bad. We need a new positive enforcement in this team, we know what losing does it brings everyone down and turns fans away, so lets get back on the Winning side of life again and start with a win in Montreal this weekend!!

In Montreal the fans think the Cats are a Choke and a Joke team, they don't believe that this team should even be honored with second place in the East because they feel the Cats are a basement team like the Argo's and should be, well now we share second place with Winnipeg, who is coming on strong.

We have an opportunity to win if we start with Kevin Glenn, get the heads of the Cat players back in the game and focused on winning not whining and losing. We are the HUGE UNDERDOGS coming into Montreal, lets play football like WINNERS and get our asses in gear!!



In Montreal the fans think the Cats are a Choke and a Joke team

8) "Choke and Joke", hey I like that line !! :wink: :lol:

Well right now we are a joke and we did choke so …