Get the ads off the jerseys

I wonder what someone tuning into a CFL game for the first time thinks when they see the ad patches on the jerseys? To me it sends out a message that this league is semi-pro. I can live with the logos on the field and I understand the league needs the revenue but I think that the image of the league suffers because of them. Someone tuning in for the first time, in the States for example, might dismiss the league as semi-pro and not give it a chance, hurting ratings and ad revenue on that front.

Whatever the revenue is from those ads I don't think it's worth the subliminal damage it does to the league brand. Image and how you project it is everything and those patches send out the wrong message.

You admit your not sure what the adds bring in . Considering the Argos and Ticats are playing in front of family and friends would you not think the league can use all the revenue they can get ? The adds are small and tasteful , no biggie .

I think most sports fan would not be put off by them. After all the some of the biggest money generating sports leagues in the world (Premier League and La Liga) soccer leagues - the main part of the uniform is a company name with just the team crest over the left chest. Pro golfers shirts and hats and NASCAR both drivers and cars - hugely popular sports in the USA - are covered in sponsor patches.

Tell me that a Nissan logo (for example) on the front of the Yankee jersey wouldn't cheapen the image of the team and organization. I know that in Europe they plaster logos all over the uniforms but were not in Europe. I think that the ads on soccer uniforms also look cheap.

Europe? Try the world outside of North America ALL leagues have ads on the unis, if it means the CFL can survive I could careless about the ads. They aren't going anywhere so get used to it, in 25 years I wouldn't be surprised to see the NHL and NBA go that way.

They look so cheap that Chevrolet signed a 7 year $100 million deal with Man United. Plus, adidas signed a $100 million deal per year to be their jersey provider for 10 years.

Well...... comparing the Yankees to the CFL is a joke. I'm going out on a limb, the Yankees may have a few more revenue streams available to them and don't need ads on their uniforms. Comparing the two is a bad idea :roll: New York actually supports their team and understands what the Yankees mean to New bad the people of Toronto havn't done the same.

To be fair though, Soccer has next to no commercial interruption, so sponsorship in soccer is a much bigger deal then here where TSN sells ads on top of sponsorship.

Anyways, I'm not bothered by the shoulder ads, so long as that is the limit. No more ads beyond the league sponsor (Napa it seems) and the team sponsor.

The National Basketball Association is moving its logo patch to the back of team jerseys next season, citing stylistic reasons, the league said ... The switch comes as league owners ponder whether to put advertisements on uniforms for the first time. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver this year said uniform ads, which are common elsewhere in the world, are inevitable ...

There has been media talk of it in the NHL as well. NFL likely the least to do it, as they already make money hand over fist. NHL and NBA the likely to be the first of the "big 4" leagues, but the CFL might be smart to get a head start and shim some multi-year deals. Nothing ostentatious, maybe patches on the shoulders/upper arms.

In a perfect world ... no ads at all, but hey reality is reality.

The patches are not very big. They are only visible in closeup shots. If you want to know what looks tacky, watch soccer. All soccer clubs have big sponsor logos right on the front of the jersey, and all the big teams in Europe don't have nearly the trouble that the little CFL does trying to scratch a dime here and there. Their brand image is not tarnished at all, so a little patch under the shoulder would not do such harm.

Yea, wish they weren't there either but not a big deal.

Now personally, the only reason that I refuse to buy a Whitecaps FC jersey is because I'm not walking down the street with a big 'Bell' logo on my chest.

This is something that I've been saying for years too, absolutely agree. The need to redirect that ad revenue somewhere else. I think it harms the league more than helps it. Those stupid sideline ads not only look chintzy, but someone will get hurt eventually. Come on CFL, wake up!

Can you provide a link showing how a tiny ad on a jersey has cost the CFL more than the financial benefits ?? Obviously having sponsors is important and needed. Where else could they "redirect" that would provide the same revenue they receive from the small ads on their jerseys ? It seems you don't have many answers or a better idea . This league is small and needs every revenue stream it can find , turning down that stream would be ridiculous and reckless.

How about the loss of a generation of young fans who love their NFL and won't even give the CFL a look based on things like ads on the sidelines that players constantly run into, and ads on uniforms that the NFL, NHL, NBA and MLB don't have. If you want to be perceived as major league, you have to look major league. Like the CFL used to for decades. It's short term thinking. "provide a link"? Spare me :roll:

Amen. Every dollar helps.

I suggest you buy the Argos (or Ticats), and remove the ads.

No loss of a generation in most CFL cities , just Toronto and it's not from the ads :roll: The NFL is not a new league they have always been here and how linking that to ads on jerseys is ridiculous. :roll:

Comparing the CFL to the big four is ridiculous and the CFL isn't close to what those leagues bring in from their vast revenue streams. The CFL has had to scratch for everything they get. But please what's your idea to replace the ads ?

How about the people that don't want the ads on the jerseys to step up and donate the equivalent in lost revenue or better still BUY a few tickets to a CFL game.!!

ads? what ads? never notice them.

If I had to describe any team uniform to police sketch artist..couldn't do it.

It just doesn't matter. the play is the thing

You want to see tacky, check out some of the European hockey teams: