GET STUBLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With the argos going to hire Chamblin as their DC (which I don't know why they would because he is over-rated and struggled in that role here in Hamilton), the Cats should get Stubler. Now I really like Reinebold, but he doesn't have the defensive experience that Stubler does. Reinebold can go back to coaching special teams, which is an area he has exceeded in.

 Also Steinauer's defensive schemes and ideas are based on and very close to Stubler's, so there wouldn't be that big a difference or huge change to continuity by bringing him in.  I would feel better about the Cats defense and team overall, if they made this decision.

While I agree I would rather have Stubler as Reinbolds last go around as a DC was a disaster, there are a few things of note.
Since taking the job with Hamilton (I remember many if not all fans being against his hire including myself), Reinbold has had one of the most successful ST units in the league. Perhaps hes gotten better with age and coaching the LBs under Steinhaur, im sure he learned alot.

Secondly, they wont make such a move because A) the coaching staff was already finalized B) they would almost definitely alienate Reinbold pulling such a move and anger alot of players/staff in the organization.

Stubler is 67 years old, He's been coaching for over 45 years since his first gig as a high school coach.
He still has a year left on his contract with TOR, He will be well paid and out on the golf course! :thup:

8) The mans name is Chamblin, not Chamberlain !!! :oops:

true, he will be golfing and be available for the first team who needs a new DC either in season or out. Pretty sure he doesn’t coach for the cash at this stage in his career, and it is not like he has to stay in shape. i predict we will see Stubler back in the CFL this season.

I have to agree with you on this, Stubler is absolutely hands down the best unemployed DC right now!

Never a fan of Stublers "Bend but don't break" Defensive philosophy.

If JR wasn't qualified, then he wouldn't have the job. Period.

:thup: :thup:

Austin loves continuity. I wonder if KA chose continuity over best applicant when naming JR?
Not to say that this isn't important or the correct way to do this but I think there will be some pressure on JR to start the season.

Stubler's a great DC but no way Austin alienates Reinebold by kicking him back to ST coach in March.

The point is moot since Stubler is/was still under contract with the blue team when JR was appointed. My opinion is that JR was the best available DC; both at that time, and now.

And who is to say that Kent didn't already speak with or consider Stubler.

Coach made his decision, and in fairness to coach Reinebold, is committed to it.

I commend him for that.

Je ne vois pas la chose arriver, mais à moins que Reinebold ait vraiment appris beaucoup de Steinauer, ça aurait pu être une option à considérer. Je crois que nous verrons cette saison s'il aurait été préférable de le faire ou non.

I look for a more conventional defense that is old fashioned smash mouth football much like the Alouettes. However, your scheme is predicated on player strength and scheme flexibility. I am looking forward to JR defence.

Agreed i think coach o over thought the game at times