Get Streveler from Winnipeg

Okay Redblacks, you just lost three key players, now go get Streveler and Jennings. Dominic Davis is not the answer. I have not been impressed with him from the start. I agree that you couldn’t sign all of them that’s the nature of the CFL cap, but at least get a starter. Davis is not a starter. As a season ticket holder from the start, I am quite disappointed that Desjardins is stating that he willnow be the starter.

Pick up bridge

Now that would take the ****y taste out of my mouth after what can only be described as a fiasco of a day. Streveler would be a great QB for Ottawa. Davis is good for short yards/special teams and I would like to see them field Danny Collins more often. I believe that he has got potential.

I have said this on other forums and will say it again here: ORB management and owners owe their fans an explanation for this turn of events. Ottawa gave up a lot of key players and near as I can see, got nothing of substance in return.

Streveler is a beast. He’s a leader and a tough s.o.b. Ottawa should try to get this guy.

The Bombers would have to be outta their flippin minds to let him go. I dare say Nichols’ job may be in jeopardy.

I think you’re right Robert.

I think I would want Evans , Arbuckle or Streveler .

They all seem to have a up side .

Streveler maybe too physical even though I really like the style . I worry it might burn out eventually .

Maybe a platoon style like CFL years gone by would be a refreshing take with a thrower paired with the rusher .

Arbuckle would be my first choice 8)

Well with Ottawa in desperate need of an OC.
Ryan Dinwiddie has spent 4 yrs under Dickenson & Huff as the QB. coach. Time for a promotion to OC. If Ottawa makes this Happen than Arbuckle could come with him.
Toronto is in the same bout.
Whichever doesnt get Dinwiddie and Arbuckle. The other will pay Masoli. Outbidding Hamilton

Off season transactions can’t come soon enough .

Arbuckle would be a good choice but the more proven Masoli is difficult not to consider as the first option as he is great competitor .

Would like to know if he is healthy and no lingering effects before signing him .

Toronto would most likely make a play for him if he passes a physical .

Can’t see the Cats not restructuring Evans contract to keep him happy and making him number one with this years success especially if he ends up taking them all the way .

Dinwiddie might be a good choice as OC . Don’t know him well but the Stamps seem to foster talent .

They just extended Evans contract in April With taking the majority of snaps this year and a slew of other bonuses he is on track to make $174,000 this year and approximately $225,000 in 2020. He is signed through 2021, giving the Ti-Cats plenty of time to re-up his contract. As for Masoli he will probably miss training camp as well as some games next year, why would any team pay him max starters salary when they don’t know how he will perform coming off ACL surgery. Why in the world would the Ti-Cats do what you are suggesting? It makes no sense.

Well first I didn’t know about his contract bonus for one thanks for the info and second

I did mention Masoli’s health in my post when I mentioned the RB’s and Toronto not Hamilton signing him so why care if they choose to gamble on his health .

him if he passes a physical .


Would like to know if he is healthy and no lingering effects before signing him .

Should he capitalize on every available bonus in his deal — which includes other things like leading the East Division in passing yards, being named an all-star, and winning Most Outstanding Player — Evans will earn $174,000 in 2019.

He will not make the yards bonus or the MOP bonus.

Very reasonable to expect Evans gets a bump to Masoli like money (300k or so) and the team let’s Masoli walk.

Ottawa would be smart to get in on Masoli now