Get some tarp on the lawn Congi

The truck full of manure is on its way. :lol:

Open Season on Dragons! :lol:

Real mature. In hindsight when you've got 2nd and 1 from the 7 and 20 seconds left you should get the first down before taking a shot at the endzone.

I knew that I'd be opening myself up to some criticism for making this topic but I just couldn't resist. :smiley:

Unreal. How low can a person get?

Just a little bit of fun. I don’t think anybody should get offended by this, it obviously wasn’t a serious topic.

I agree Dragon this is low can you repeat it again so I can understand it.

It just shows who has class, and who is an... well take the "cl" away and you know what I mean.

The McCallum thing has been beaten to death, and it's all due to first a couple arsepicks who take football too seriously and take their frustration out on the lawn of some poor unsuspecting neighbour of a kicker, and second to a couple fans of rival teams who couldn't let it's overdone, and Congi's still was one miss, and there was a lot less riding on this - give the kid a break.

I reiterate, this wasn't a serious topic. I realize that it was only a couple of ***hole fans who behaved so horribly to Paul McCallum and his family. I also recognize that Luca Congi is a great kicker who has a bright future in the league. He'll bounce back to be sure. Heck I'd rather have him kicking for us than Westwood.

This topic was made in attempted mirth but I'll apologize if I've offended anybody.

Poor timing im afraid.

I'm not offended in the least - I just think it's in extremely poor taste to lay this on a kid who is a promising kicker in the future.....

I wish he had made the kick especially considering the outcome, but honestly at the time what was going through my head was probably the same as what went through every Rider's head.... "it's okay because we are just going to score another 20 points in the second half." This game can't be put on Congi.... he is not responsible for the terrible offensive performance in the second half...

And what the h e ll is up with a shotgun pass attempt on 3rd and 1 when you are completing less than 50% of your passes. Terrible call by the coaches.

Boreham seems to be punting very well in Saskatchewan.

....Congi reminded me of Troy Westwood ...when he rattled the 'could've been a winner" off of the uprights...i don;t think that image is going to go down too well in :roll:

Don’t worry, Dragoon…I think maybe a few fans are just a little oversensitive in the immediate aftermath of the game.
But it would be naive if anyone thinks your little joke wasn’t said (as a joke people) by Rider fans everywhere.

Your are right in saying Congi wasn’t to balame. That had to be the poorest play selection of Austin’s short head coaching career. Get the 1st down and then go for the touchdown.

LOL, good one, blue. Don't worry about overly sensitive rider fans. It takes them at least 4 days for their sense of humour to recover after a loss. Your post was obviously a joke, and I chuckled!!!

:rockin: :thup: :rockin:
:roll: :roll: :roll:

Man, have your posts detiriorated. They're almost not even worth the energy spent on the keystrokes.

Oh wait, maybe I misinterpreted what you were trying to say? Do you mean how low as in how low it was of the Rider fans to dump the manure? If that's the case then ya, I agree.