GET Romby Bryant off this team

...What a waste of a roster spot....this guy is NOT trying and should be cut ....I don't care how you want to slice it....he is not happy on this team him...or cut him...We're going nowhere with crap like his play on this club.. :thdn: :twisted: Wake-up Kelly

i just posted the exact same thing, Bryant is flat out not putting any effort in, he is lacking effort BIG TIME, just proves that he is not happy on this team, and to be honest I am disgusted with his play this year, yes it is time for himm to go!! Bowman has not been much better as well, Edwards and Franklin (hurt), Guice Jr. is looking good, just missing that 4th reciever and it isn't Ralph. I say give Hargreaves more time.

…and presto…we got our wish bluengold… :thup: