get rid of.....

get rid of dorsey now please

why?? :? :cowboy:

After today, might as well get rid of the whole offence! 7 POINTS?

Get rid of French. Dropped balls, not getting past the sticks when they had little hope (but still some) at the end, contributing to the near end of Joseph’s career. Also Eddie Davis who for 2 weeks in a row got beat by Nik Lewis and me having to watch that Dance. Danny Barret for not having his team ready. And finally you guys will hear this from me, Shivers not for the players he’s brought in but for putting up with Dannys B.S. relaxed style of coaching when getting his team ready, and during the game. Chris Szarka gets stuffed on second down, take a chance you have no momentum on your side at this point (why you use Szarka is beyond me) Joseph fumbles on second go for it, what do you have to loose the game? you lost it thank you very much. Condell needs to learn to run more like we saw last week, they need balance not like last year when they ran all the time but at least 35-40%

and the beat goes on...
and the beat goes on.

I agree somthing has to change perhaps Barret ? or how about Kerry Joesph played the game hurt I would have rather seen Crandel play healthy maybe a rookie qb and punt kicker for Joseph Barrets insitence to leave him in there I personally think was a desperation move .

i agree, i think that we should of put crandel in after the half. :expressionless: the offence wasnt doin much, so why not try something new :wink:

Instead of having Congi punt, maybe they should get Joseph to heave the ball downfield -- he will give us instant field position- 81 yds versus 39 yds a punt for Congi.

:lol: or maybe its time to find a punter?

I agree keeping an injured KJ in the whole game was a mistake. Barret can say he's "fine" all he wants, but the man is clearly injured! And it's not like he was doing well enough that it made sense to leave him in. What did we get, 1 point in the entire second half?!?

But don't expect anything different the next game either. As long as he can walk, KJ will start and finish the game, no matter what.