Get rid of the wide out pass!!!!!

Charlie, get rid of that stupid wide out pass that Maas loves to throw it stinks, it's cost us points and games. If your going to throw the wide out number one make sure we have a reciever who can first catch the ball and second, run for 20 or 30 yards. When the player ends up consistantly losing yards or fumbling the ball it makes the whole team look bad, not just the QB and reciever.

Let's get back to driving the football down the feild with passes over 5 yards and long rushes.

Go Cats Go, Let's Whip The ARGO'S Saturday!!!

Getting rid of that play is not the answer. The answer is calling in the right situation and making sure you everyone on the fiel making the blocks they're supposed to. If you can get the blocking and Ralph catches it, he has the speed to break for 20 - 30 yards. The downside to the play is that when it is read right it genrally is not a positive play. It is a very high risk reward type of play

Usually when a team throws a bubble pass its because the defense has a LB that refuses to come out of the box. Therefore the bubble WR is uncovered and it should be a positive play if the other wideouts get there blocks, the QB throws a catchable ball, and WR catches the ball.

It’s hard to run the ball with so many people in the box, therefore the bubble pass should loosen the box.

Out of the 10 000 times i have seen that play run in the last 5 years I have yet to see it work. The majority of the time it goes for either no yards or a loss.

I've seen this play work plenty of times, but I think that the problem with the TiCats doing it is, "its predictable." We do it too often.

Our short pass game is generally predictable because Maas is apparently injured and can't throw the the ball long without making it flutter or throwing it into a crowd. Hence, the coaches aren't allowing him to attempt too many of them.

Charlie: I respect your history as a coach, but you've really got me scratching my head on this one. Despite my inferior knowledge of the game, I bow to your superiority in this area and wish you success.