Get rid of the one point rule!!!

And lets try this on for size…

If the kicker DOES sail it through the endzone from lets say 50 yards out…he gets a date with the cheerleader of his choice :wink:

OK?!? :?

Sorry CM but you are not quite right.
You say the point is for kicking the ball past the goal line but if the returner runs the ball out of the endzone no point is awarded to the kicking team even thought the ball passed the goalline.

I shoulden't really be arguing with you, you seem to like the single point.

Not that is really matters, have you seen a CFL game where the recevier toke a knee in the End Zone during a kick off??? (or failed to get the ball out during a KO???)

Happens all the time in the NFL that it drives me crazy!

I like the single cause when you usually buy squares for the Grey Cup and get your numbers, all the numbers are fair game unlike the NFL, usually you want a 0, 3 or 7 and all the other numbers are usually irrevlevant

Ya know that is a good point.
but you can get all the options 14 21 35 42 15 17 18 but there is usually one one way of getting them

Yes I think it's "odd" but I do like it. I was just trying to come up with alternatives (that's what I do) And Lionbacker is right about buying squares , (we call them "pools" down here) the single point DOES make betting on the game much more relevant.

HMM, maybe I should try a pool at my Canada Day party???

How does it work again????

Kanga-Kucha - here is a fun pool I've seen at a Grey Cup party. You have a mini-football that is passed around person to person after each play. Each person has to throw in a nickel after each play. When a team scores , whoever has the mini-football wins the pot- then you start again. It is a no-brainer and even non-knowledgeable football fans can win. Try it - it is kinda cool. p.s. I hope your bombers regroup quick or I see an 0-3 start. Sorry mate.
Esks drool
Riders Rule

Oh yeah , the single rule. It is a great CFL rule. I remember playoff games ending with kicks out of the endzone then back in on the last play. It is unique to our game and should be left alone. I agree with those who support the status quo.

you need 100 squares 10x10
sell each square at the price you want
pick number 0-9 along the top and bottom
team a on top
team b on bottom
final score a 35 b28

who were gets square 5-8 wins

  1  5  7  8  6  4  2  3  9

8 x winns
b 1

you follow

of coures this wont line up properly but

Well. at least you hate the Esk like I do! :smiley:

Thanks for that game, I'll give it a go but it will have to be in my BB's hat!

OK, I think I get it, thanks Ro!

The single isn't a reward for failure (missing a field goal) it's to punish the return team because they were unable to get the ball out of the endzone. Of course sometimes this a good thing because the ball is then spotted at the 35. But it also encourages returns on missed field goals which can be quite exciting.

If a team moves the ball down to the 11 yard line and misses say an 18 yard field goal that sails through the endzone the team is rewarded the single point (not for missing the field goal) but offensively moving the ball far enough into their opponents territory where the ball can be easily kicked through the endzone.

For those of us who are learning about the CFL game, how is a single scored?

Ol' fasioned CFL says ... If a canadian player injurs or knocks out an american at any time - before or after the play, the canadian player's team earns one point.

Or .. by the newer rules - if a ball is kicked through the endzone a single point is scored. This includes missed fields goals. Unfortunately the CFL turned away from its darker roots quite a while ago ... Tho, some of us still play "old fashioned CFL" ...

beer #7

You'll have to ignore Statik ... he can't help it ... he's a Bombers fan ... :wink:

Actually he's pretty much got it - if a kicked ball goes into the endzone but doesn't make it out, then the kicking team gets a single point (also called a rouge). (obviously if it's a field goal, it's 3 points).

Here is what I say: I don't think the single should be a reward for making it that far up the field. Scoring should never be a sure thing. I think the single should be a "penalty" for not returning the ball out of the end zone. Sure, sometimes giving up a single point is worth it so that you can move the ball to the 35. But, the returner should at least have the decision to make ...

So here is what I say: The kicking team only gets a single if the ball bounced at least once in the endzone, and wasn't returned out. If the ball sailed right through the endzone, without ever touching the ground, no single, and the receiving team gets to scrimmage on the 35 anyway.

This means that there are no "free" singles (by kicking the ball straight through the endzone, without it even coming close to the returner). The returner will always have a chance to make a return. If, in the dying seconds of a tie game, a "missed field goal" happens (so that one team is trying for a single), the ball will still be in the endzone - and hence in play. So, the returning team will be able to attempt to return it, if need be.

I love the rouge ... it's so Canadian, and I would hate to see it taken out of the game. But I think only counting it if the ball has bounced in the endzone is a none-too-radical change, that would be effective. In some ways, it's even rugby-esque - when you punt the ball straight out of bounds, the other team gets it from where you kicked it. When it bounces in-bounds first, the other team gets it from where it went out. (The rules are slightly different if you're within 22m of your own goal).

I resent that! beening a BB’s fan as well, though Statik can be a jerk sometimes

…and I say keep the Single the way it is now. I’m a forenier and I get it and love it.

let’s get that rule where the receriver gets it out of the end zone is at least ganrented a spot on 20 yard line.

Thats why I like the amateur rule (see my proposal on page one of this post). At the Okanagan Sun games, you seldom see the receiver take a knee, there are more run backs, which in my opinion are one of the more exciting plays in the CFL. We should experiment with this rule in preseason, escpecially when the teams try out their new kickers.