Get rid of the one point rule!!!

I'll just start off by saying that I HATE the one point rule!! Being awarded a point for missing a field goal(as long as it goes through the back of the endzone), or placing a punt in the endzone is absolutely ridiculous. I still remember going to a Stamps/Argos game back in 2000(possibly 2001), and in the dying seconds, the score was 35-35. Toronto ended up winning the game on a badly(looked like intentionally)missed field goal. How stupid is that???

I can see how back in the day they came up with this rule. In the early 1900's, when scores were low and it sounded like defences(or just no offence whatsoever) ruled the field, being able to even move the ball, kicked or not, to the back end of the other teams endzone was an accomplishment, worthy of a point. But in today's high-scoring CFL, it's a joke. This is a badly outdated rule and it needs to be changed. Other than that, I think the league is fine.

If you're getting rid of stuff, get rid of the no yards on the punt.

I like the single.
Why get rid of no yards?
If you ask me, do away with punting out of bounds
Looks like this thread is coing to turn into the previous one.

Gades: Nooooo, then we'd have that stupid fair catch rule.....

Stampers....I'll meet you half way. Here's how to minimize the single point, and you'll get less heat from the traditionalists.

In Junior and CIS football. Any kick from scrimmage (Punt or Field Goal try) that goes into the endzone, if the receiving team gets the ball out of the end zone, then they are guaranteed the minimum of the 20 yard line. Here are two scenerios:

(1) Team Red Kicks the ball into Blues end zone. Blue runs it out to the 1 yard line... Blue is 1st & 10 at the 20 yard line...No Point.

(2) Team Red Kicks the ball into Blues end zone. Blue runs it out to the 45 yard line...Blue 1st & 10 at the 45.... No point.

This rule encourages the receiving team to run the ball out instead of taking a knee. There have been a lot more exciting run back plays because of this rule change in Junior football....

What do you think?

not bad.
What about a ball going through the endzone?

It's a option...

Kickoffs, though, the ball has to touch something.

Get your facts straight..
You don't get a point for missing a field goal, you get a point for kicking the ball past the goal line. It doesn't matter how you kick it.

not quite, You get the point because the returning team didnt get the ball out of the endzone.

How about this......Stampers7 brings up a good point about the 35-35 game, so.....I agree that no team should be "awarded" a point for missing anything! But ro1313 is also correct in that they are being given that point because the recieving team chose to catch the ball and attempt to run it out of the endzone. What if you alter the rule a bit and completely do away with the point being awarded if the ball sails through the endzone?

I'm just trying to make peace here, but to be truthful, it does seem like an odd rule to me. (But then again I am american, and I DON'T think Jessica Simpson is the sexiest woman alive....but that's just me) :roll:

I could live with that
Shania is the sexiest woman alive
I could live with that as well :smiley:

Whom ever started this topic, all I have to say is:

FUCK OFF!!! You NFL lover!!!

...and read my replys about the single in "What rule changes would you like to see"

easy big, fella easy.

Sounds good, but the single is counted when the pissy recever takes a knee or fails to get the ball out, right?


I say the Single should also be used on Kickoffs but would be rare cuz of the lenght of the field (unlike the NFL).

...or the defence let the ofence get into scoring range, more or less.

People think of the single the wrong way.

The reason for the signle isn't to punish a team for not returning the ball. That is just a good by-product of the single.

The reason for the signle is for scoring. Just like a field goal or a touchdown. You kick the ball anywhere past the goal line, you get a point. You kick the ball anywhere between the posts, you get 3 points.

The CFL has the best scoring system of any of the professional football leagues. They shouldn't mess with it.

Goody, lets try that rule!

Geo, how could you, a fan of Aussie Ball where in that sport there is also a rule simular to the Single, think that the Single is "odd"?

It makes perfect sense to me and is my favoite rule in the CFL. :slight_smile:

The reason you don't get a single on a kickoff is because if the ball bounces straight out the endzone without being touched, the clock has not started yet. Thus, no points can be scored until the clock starts.