Get rid of the DC!

Am I the only one going insane watching the defense this game? I mean come on, your playing a QB who can barely throw the ball over 10 yards. All I saw all day was.... Cornish, Cornish, Cornish, Screen play to Cornish or another player, after screen play, have Glenn throw for 4-7 yards, Cornish, Cornish, ... Screen play, Glenn throw for another 4-7 yards? Anyone else notice this pattern? If so why not the coaching staff.

I know there is a lot of flak of our defense not being high caliber players, but who is the guy calling the shot to only have 4 guys on the line? And not realize the only player getting the ball is CORNISH, like wow...

Oh and typical of Hamilton to have a coach get his FIRST win on the road and make them look good. AND have a running back who had what did I see? NEGATIVE 1 yards against BC?
Watch next week against Winnipeg, they will make Brink and the bombers offense look amazing.

Sorry to say but this team still looks like a .500 club

Rant over...

Oh and before I get some people in here trying to bash me about this being my first post... well I been visiting these forums since Joe Pao Pao being our OC.

I don't think e should get rid of the DC...maybe hit him with a defibrillator to see if he's still alive. He was looking a little like Charlie Taaffe......dumbfounded.

This is on the LBs....they have to step up...

Coaches coach and prepare the players, but the players have to execute. This game, the players didn't.

Buy week what a F--- joke. They need another week maybe a blood transfusion. :oops: :oops:

I understand our defensive players are not the best, but your pretty much going up against a QB less team, yes Glenn has his moments, but most of them are bad. So basically all you need to worry about is short yard plays or hand offs, evidently early in this game. But for the coaching to not realize this and to fix it? Why not blitz more? And not putting 5 guys on the line, but about sending some more? We see how Glenn has a hard time throwing for 10 or more yards especially under pressure, we seen it for 3 years.

But anyways lets say it is our players fault? Then our problem is higher then coaching, it goes to the people running the team.?

Anyways that can be for another time, but I really do believe coaching and especially our DC, needs to take most of the blame for tonight.

Just kills me, because Calgary's play calling was so predictable. THey should bring back the, let the fan vote for the next play gimmick they had last year!

This game certainly highlighted the deficiencies in the defense, especially as they didnt have the offence step up and rescue the game like in Regina. We always seem to come off a bye week slowly. And we still have the "third quarter curse"

But it is too early to fire anybody. At 3-3 we are tied with Montreal and Toronto and very much in the hunt. The team will use this game to prepare for Winnipeg, and I expect they will do well next week.

Ya but this is what they do every year.. have they not? for the past 3 years?

Next week they will win, either by a blow out, OR, like i said earlier, make Winnipeg Offense look amazing but we will still win, then we will say oh ya, Burris had an amazing night cats are back, oh ya, defense looked good, even though they gave up 30 points again.

But what will happen after the Winnipeg game? they will probably lose and we will be in the same spot again.

And I really do hope the Ti-Cats prove me wrong, but since last year and so far this year, they have not.

Oh and the Ti-Cats better do really well against the bombers, because arn't they the last place team in the league? Well the east anyways.

I can only hope that Casey Creehan is not following exactly in his father, Denny's, footsteps in terms of running a mediocre defense. I can't help but place part of the blame on halftime adjustments, since the defense from the first half to second half was a difference of night and day! The defensive line looked very confused at times, especially in the last quarter. Some of them didn't understand who was supposed to be playing, let alone in which position! I guess there's a few reasons why our defense is last in the CFL. We can only hope for some sort of improvement. :expressionless:

So getting rid of the DC every year is not good enough? Now we gotta replace him after one third of the season?

I vote we get our player personal people to work on getting some effective D Linemen.

and LBs.....

They just need to get better in the trenches..The d-line and LB's need to get bigger and meaner...and the o-line has to get bigger and stronger because they cannot run block at all. Anything Walker got tonight was on his own effort not because of a great blocking line.

:thup: :thup:

Like I stated in another post, yelling and screaming at your players is not a motivator. I believe Creehan is over his head ... and talent evaluation has been a huge problem for the Cats for years. Just think of this for a moment, who pays a player $150,000.00 plus for sitting? The Tiger Cats do and this money could be well spent on two defensive players. I believe talent evauation and coaching is the root of all or most of their problems. Signing other teams cuts is not the answer.

The DC isn’t the problem. It’s the talent. The last 8 years it’s been the same issue. Zero pass rush. Zero pressure.

We have changed the DC many, many, many times and no ones “scheme” seems to work. Maybe it’s not the scheme, it’s the talent.

I hate to harp on this but the worst mistake we made was getting rid of Baggs. The way he was used last year was the issue for his poor year. An example of this was when he sat in the playoffs and Hickman took his spot. TSN isoed Hickman and noted that he was playing in Baggs spot and what did the isos show? Him dropping back in coverage. They did this 2 or 3 times during the game. Hickman had no sacks and very little pressure that game.

I hope that Baggs makes and impression on the Ravens but gets released when their players get healty and some one gives him a shot up here again.

Our DTs don’t clog up the middle, our DEs don’t get to the QB. Are NFL cuts the answer? Who knows but if I was Obie, I would bring in 20 Dlinemen at this point for a tryout.

Cornish is a good player but not that good. The D was flat as a pancake. No emotion at all. Also, how come they didn't adjust to Cornish during the game? They made Glenn look like a HOFer. Creehan and Cortez were out-coached last night.

I'd be watching the NFL cuts if I was the GM if only to put pressure on these guys to up their games because they're not getting it done now.

An Argo-Cat fan

I believe I heard Creehan say ing (on the TiCat show?) that he didn't think that a good defense needed to do anything other than apply pressure from the front 4.

This would suggest several things (since we don't stunt or have complex schemes to apply pressure):

  1. He must think that we have a "good" defense
  2. On principle he dislikes making adjustments to counter the opposition.

Good guy. Some things to learn?

I dont know if bigger is the word you are looking for.

Lions biggest LB: Justin Conn, 6'3 230lbs (not a starter)
Eskimos biggest LB: Simoni Lawrence, 6'1 228lbs (not a starter)
Riders biggest LB: Shomari Williams, 6'1 232lbs (starter)
Stamps biggest LB: Akwasi Antwi, 6'2 250lbs (not a starter)
Bombers biggest LB: P.L Labbe, 6'2 239lbs (starter)
Argos biggest LB: Robert McCune, 6' 245lbs (starter)
Als biggest LB: Rod Davis, 6'2 240lbs (starter)
Cats biggest LB: Rey Williams 6' 238lbs (starter)

The Eskimos have the best defence in the CFL by far and they have the smallest linebackers in the league. None of their three starters are even over 220lbs and all are south of 6' but all three are unarguably very talented players.

Getting better on defence has nothing to do with getting bigger and meaner. We have talented linebackers in our lineup but its tough to stop the run when your d-line is getting blown off the line allowing the o-lineman to get to the second level and get blocks down field. Any talented linebacker will give credit to their d-line because if the d-line does their job, it makes a linebackers job a walk in the park. If the d-line congest everything at the line scrimmage runningbacks will have to hesitate allowing linebackers to make tackles. When there is huge holes the running back is just running with a full head of steam at our linebackers who are still making tackles but they are 5-10 yards down field.

The Cats just don't have the talent on the d-line. All three of our LBs have proven at one time or another that they can be a force in the CFL (Knowlton not so much recently but he was playing good up until he got injured, not GREAT but he was getting the job done).

If Ray Lewis, Peter Boulware and Jaimie Sharper didnt have Sam Adams and Tony Siragusa in front them just eating o-linemen during the Ravens Super Bowl season, that defense is merely just a good defense, not a LEGENDARY defense.

Football starts in the trenches and its a domino effect from there....and our trenches just are not playing up to par at the moment.

So basically I agree with that our d-line needs improvement, but I think we'd be moronic to change anything about our LBs.

What are your standards for the HOF? :lol:

Kevin Glenn